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The Center for Public Policy Priorities announces e tadiat 4144.1,4441-Apti,,4.$444,04a0″, HONORING AMBASSADOR LY OLSON for his service to Texas THURSDAY, NOVEMBER12, 2009 11.30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. FOUR SEASONS HOTEL 98 San Jacinto, Austin, Texas F. SCOTT McCOWN Executive Director, Center for Public Policy Priorities For More Information: Janet Hutchison, Development Director 512-320-0222, ext 105 or [email protected] Center for Public Policy Priorities CE Igig p This event benefits the Center for Public Policy Priorities. committed to improving the economic and social conditions of lowand modcrate-income Texans. To learn more about the center, visit . 900 Lydia Street, Austin, Texas 78702