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Bill Reeves Posted at You have done a service to the people, especially the children, of this area, many of whom attend schools within a short radius of the proposed plant. Thank you for bringing this issue before the people of Texas, as we need help to oppose the moneyed interests and the powerful who do not protect those liable to suffer harm from this plant’s emissions. Ann Smith Posted at Poetic and powerful journalism. I hope city, county, and state officials will read it. Margaret Duran Posted at Our air, our water, and the aesthetic pleasure of the sea are the life of our city. We cannot have that stolen from us. Thanks for a great article. Emilie J. Olivares Posted at Thank you so much for reporting facts. It’s tough to get anything but glossed-over myth s, fear-mongering and misquoted partial truths from the majority of the “press” in Corpus. These facts need to appear daily in local and state news venues or the CEC movement will be shut up and bulldozed under. Greed, greed and more greed seem Corpus Christi. Please stay on this issue and see if you can get your fellow investigative journalists to do the same! Jamie Josephs Posted at . Thank you for this piece, although I wish more effort had been put into investigating claims about what jobs would truly be provided in Corpus Christi. Half-a-dozen white-collar executives and dozens of minimum-wage employees is a far cry from 8o jobs at $75,000 a year. If Corpus Christi sells its soul for those pitiful numbers, it can expect declines in tourism and an end to attracting new residents based on quality of life. So begins a downward spiral. Not what the Chamber [of Commerce] crowd wants, certainly. Sensible people call upon the Corpus Christi business community to end its usual shortsightedness and set its goals a little higher. Don’t build Las Brisas. Alyssa Burgin Posted at STEALING SOUTH TEXAS Some historians might say that Texas is a rogue province of northern Mexico would view the taking by military force of approximately half of Mexico in 1848 as illegal. These poor people are simply being exploited. Lisa Lebowski Posted at HOODIES UNITE Thank you very much for covering Under The Hood Caf and the good people who go there \(“Injured Hearts, Injured Minds:’ Aug. Casey Porter Posted at Wow! This really opened my eyes. I figured the whole town of Killeen was prowar because it keeps them in business. Congrats to Under the Hood! Chayo Zaldivar Posted at BEN ONBOARD It’s fantastic to have Ben Sargent producing cartoon commentary for the Observer Congrats to the Observer and Ben! Ted Siff Posted at Thank you for Ben Sargent’s latest cartoon. Whatever would we do for vicarious erotic entertainment if it weren’t for Republican politicians? Richard Sutherland Los Altos, Calif. AUGUST 21, 2009 TEXASOBSERVER.ORG 3