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\(41e don’t LOON STAR STATE I BEN SARGENT JOHN %WM BILL CIMUN \(Were in attentent MN GAM fac 141irt TheTexas Observer AUGUST 21, 2009 BLOOD TREASURE by Kevin Sieff A Mexican shark fisherman lives to tell the tale of an illegal industry gone overboard. 8 WHITE MAN’S BURDEN by Dave Mann A Dallas suburb struggles with its sudden diversity. 14 THE FIRE THIS TIME by Forrest Wilder A “near -miss disaster” in Corpus Christi. 18 SO LONG TO THE COMMUNIST THREAT by Dave The last of Texas’ New Deal liberals. 20 Richards 27 DIALOGUE 3 BACK OF THE BOOK Another river, another goodbye. EDITORIAL 4 by Brad Tyer POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE 5 CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK Radney Foster at Gruene Hall. JIM HIGHTOWER 11, 17 22 REVIEW Robert Jensen’s All My Bones Shake. by Tom Palaima 24 POETRY by Josh Slotnick 29 REVIEW 25 DATELINE: MEXICO CITY 30 Eduardo Galeano’s Mirrors. Mayan Mariana. Cover photo by Daniel Lopez by Liliana Valenzuela by Melissa del Bosque 2 THE TEXAS OBSERVER AUGUST 21, 2009