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. gZe M 0 L Lyt/va’ticwa c *trnA2iam/A-te RECOGNIZING SUPERIOR JOURNALISM IN THE TRADITION OF MOLLY IVINS 2009 _Ort;ze Wthrietw/ Pa t Casey Da ley Nick Turse Rick Casey Howard Witt Winner RICK CASEY, Houston Chronicle, for a series of four columns on immigration Honorable Mention NICK TURSE, The Nation, “A My Lai a Month, and , “The Vietnam Expos That Wasn’t” HOWARD WITT, Chicago Tribune, for the “Race in America” series The MOLLY Prize awards dinner of 2009, held June II in Austin, recognized superior journalism in the spirit of Molly Ivins, celebrated her remarkable presence in all our lives, and helped support the best darned journalism around in The Texas Observer. The Observer family extends its deepest gratitude to the following sponsors, presenters, special guests, committee members and staff, without whose extraordinary contributions the event would have been not only impossible, but no fun at all. MOLLY’S HELL-RAISER Randy Parten 2009 Fat Cat Honoree Bernard & Audre Rapoport, Nelson J. Roach Donna & George Shipley ACTIVIST Becky Beaver & John Duncan Cath Polito Kay Taylor Burnett Carlton Carl Lois Chiles Foundation Lois Chiles Mary Margaret & Ray Farabee Luci Baines Johnson & Ian Turpin Melissa Jones Susan Longley MFI Foundation Lynn & Tom Meredith Ambassador Lyndon L. Olson, Jr. Janis & Joe Pinnelli Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation Chula Reynolds Alec Rhodes Sharron Rush & Ron Hicks Sunny & Shelton Smith Smothers Family Foundation Bud & Pat Smothers UT Center for American History Don & Suzanne Carleton AGITATOR ACLU of Texas Terri Burke & Friends Frances Barton & Dick Leverich & Friends Aimee Boone Laura Cho & Clare Hudspeth & Nancy Scanlan Janet Dewey & Robert Ozer Ernestine Glossbrenner Susan & Clint Hackney & Friends Houston Chronicle Jeff Cohen Sissy & Denny Kempner In Honor of James McWilliams M. Mark Lesher Libby & Dale Linebarger Jim Marston & Annette LaVoi Geronimo Rodriguez Mary Nell & Phil Mathis & Friends Sandie McClellan Suzy & Bill Reid & Friends Nora Linares-Moeller & Mike Moeller Susan Morris Richie Donnelly & Friends Carrin Patman Planet K Gifts Austin-San Marcos-San Antonio Sara Speights & Friends Texas Legal Services Center Randall Chapman Texans for Stem Cell Research David Bales THE TEXAS DEMOCRACY FOUNDATION Jim Marston, President, Lisa Blue, Melissa Jones, Susan Longley, Mary Nell Mathis, Gilberto Ocalias, Jesse Oliver, Bernard Rapoport, Geoffrey Rips, Geronimo Rodriguez, Sharron Rush, Kelly White, Ronnie Dugger, Emeritus THE STAFF OF The Texas Observer Carlton Carl, CEO/Publisher, Bob Moser, Editor Julia Austin, Candace Carpenter, Melissa del Bosque, Jaime Kilpatrick, Daniel Lievens, Dave Mann, Shane Pearson, Brad Tyer, Forrest Wilder THE MOLLY STEERING COMMITTEE Mary Margaret Farabee, Susan Longley, Co-Chairs Frances Barton, Geoff Rips, Program Directors Suzy Reid, Dick Leverich, Decor Directors Becky Beaver, Jan Demetri, Karen Farabee, Carol Flake, Clare Hudspeth, Melissa Jones, Joan Lava, Charlotte McCann, Sandie McClellan, Barbara Morgan, Nona Niland, Janis Pinnelli, Nancy Scanlan, Sunny Smith, Sara Speights, Margot Thomas, Wendy Weigman, Kelly White SPECIAL THANKS Ken Bunting, The Four Seasons Hotel, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Ellen Goodman, Bill & Judith Davidson Moyers, Alan Pogue, David Richards, Ben Sargent, Paul Stekler, Diane Suchetka, State Sen. Kirk Watson