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. GROWNUP GIFTS FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES IN & SAN ANTONIO NORTH SOUTH EAST S.E.MILITARY 832-8544 443-2292 654-8536 333-3043 RESEARCH E. RIVERSIDE CENTRAL WEST 502-9323 441-5555 822-7767 521-5213 covering 2004. \(The governor’s office, which asked that questions for this story be submitted in writing, did not respond to Perry also disclosed a hunting trip in 2007 as the guest of then-Introgen head David Nance. Nance, who has contributed $55,500 to Perry since 2005, resigned from Introgen in March 2009, shortly before the news of A&M’s state grant broke. Nance then launched a nonprofit to promote the creation of high-tech jobs in Texas: the Innovate Texas Foundation. Nance recruited the foundation’s No. 2 man, former Perry aide Ryan Confer, from the Emerging Technology Fund that gave the $50 million to A&M in the first place. Innovate Texas is funded by a federal grant administered by Perry’s appointees to the Texas Workforce Commission. Meanwhile, Perry’s daughter Sydney entered A&M in 2005. Her father’s financial disclosures indicate that Bryan-based insurance company Phil Adams Co. employed the governor’s dependent daughter as a secretary from 2005 through 2008. Adams has given $125,600 to Perry’s campaigns since 2005. In February the governor tapped Adams to be an A&M regent. Along with Houston trial lawyer Michael Gallagher, Adams is involved in litigation with Democratic U.S. Rep. Yvonne Davis of Dallas and Dallas businessman David Alameel over a disputed interest in a racetrack license. A related horse track license application is pending before Perry’s appointees on the Texas Racing Commission \(see “The Inside Track,” Dec. Andrew Wheat MAY 15, 2009 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 7