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OE EY I BY JESSE G. HERRERA INFOMERCIAL STYLE At this time in space, in this place, the brake lines of the economy have been cut, US troops, left waiting & wanting at the altar, “over there And much to d chagrin of d GOP, 11-4-2008 was d mother of all elections, d Nine One One of d GOP. In the confetti mist, their fine flying machine now a heap of campaign buttons & campaign promises shredded, sliced, and diced, infomercial style, no less, quote the Raven, “Nevermore,” throw the W under d bus. Obamaholics jubilant eyes have seen d glory, of d second coming of d, Lordy, Lordy, look who’s number forty-four, Glory, Glory, Hal-lu-bama, Glory, Glory, Hal-lu-bama, Yes, Mam, Right On, Right Now, there in black and white, Joe Six Pack, Joe d plumber, Joe Blow, Jo Mama, “We the people” have spoken. I got a dream or was that a scream? Let he who is without sin, cast the first vote. Who’s your daddy, Old Soldier? Old Soldiers never die. McCainites and the little drummer girl banished to d desert. “Bye, bye, Miss American pie Quote the Raven, “Yes we can.” Glory, Glory, Hal-lu-bama, One nation under Bama, Hail to the Chief, Glory, Glory, Hal-lu-bama WELCOME TO MCDONALD’S In her big ol’ white Suburban, huercos, brinque y brinque, a curly-haired senora studies the drive-thru menu. My Gosh! She think she’s in a French restaurant, Ooh, La, La. Take your time, I don’t mind. I like reading “Mom’s Taxi” bumper sticker for the millionth time. She’s made up her mind. Hold everything. Super Size it twenty nuggets a Big Mac, in one breath. Turning red, she says, “Don’t forget my small Diet Coke.” That’s just for Mom, the rest of the tribe is next. Man, these womenfolk, you’d think their stove was broke. What a hex McDonald’s got on these Tex-Mex. Kids, locos de gusto with a quarter-pounder, Go ahead, Mrs. Cleaver, feed the Beaver. JESSE G. HERRERA wants readers to know that no animals were harmed during the writing of these poems. Herrera was born in San Antonio, calls Laredo home, and has driven an 18-wheeler for UPS going on 31 years. He wrote his first poem, a sonnet, in April 1998 in a creative writing class. Naomi Shihab Nye JANUARY 23, 2009 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 25