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.; q :t Exodus/Exodo WORDS BY CHARLES BOWDEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY JULIAN CARDONA Coinciding with the 2008 election and the national immigration debate, this searing documentary of the largest single transnational migration in history forces us to face the tremendous human cost of a troubled Mexican state and a relentlessly globalizing world. BILL AND ALICE WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY SERIES 115 &whore photos S50.00 cloth Kilgore Rangerettes BY 0. RUFUS LOVETT FOREWORD BY ELLIOTT ERWITT INTRODUCTION BY KATY VINE In this nineteen-year documentary of an American iconthe Kilgore College Rangerettes dance drill teamO. Rufus Lovett contributes to a body of work by internationally acclaimed photographers, including Elliott Erwitt and Annie Leibovitz, who have been fascinated by the `Rettes. CLIFTON AND SHIRLEY CALDWELL TEXAS HERITAGE SERIES 133 dootonc photo .50.00 cloth A Certain Alchemy BY KEITH CARTER INTRODUCTION BY BILL WITTLIFF AFTERWORD BY PATRICIA CARTER A gallery of haunting, evocative new work by internationally acclaimed photographer Keith Carter, whose work draws from the animal world, popular culture, folklore, and religion. SOUTHWESTERN & MEXICAN PHOTOGRAPHY SERIES THE WITTLIFF COLLECTIONS AT TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY-SAN MARCOS BILL WITTLIFF, EDITOR 102 photos $50.00 cloth Red Desert History of a Place EDITED BY ANNIE PROULX PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARTIN STUPICH In this “biography of a place:’ Pulitzer Prizewinning author Annie Proulx, photographer Martin Stupich, and a team of experts explore a remote wild landscape undergoing epic transformationa fate shared by many of the earth’s most magnificent and fragile places. 69 color and 2 B&W photos, 3 line drawings, 9 maps $50.00 cloth