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e sent yo RALPH YARBOROUGH, LBJ, BENTSEN, two BUSHES, THE MAKING AND UNMAKI OF AN. AMERICAN CITY Texas Monthly On . . . Food From the editors of Texas Monthly INTRO UC-NON BY EVAN SM!TH $34.95 hardcover, 416 pages, 51 b&w photos From reviews of the newest, hippest restaurants in cities across Texas to stories about the comfort foods we all love, Texans have long relied on the state’s tastemaker magazine Texas Monthly. This anthology brings together some of the most delicious writing about food and food culture in Texasrecipes included. $24.95 paper Read more .about . ‘ 7, UNIVERSITY 4-,t, a, .6.. The Dallas Myth offers an explicit critique of Dallas that enables its residents to envision a more equitable, humane, and democratic future for all. “Harvey Graff begins by telling us that living in Dallas challenged all that he knew about cities. This richly-researched and beautifully-written book does the same for the rest of us. Its provocative historical analysis of space, growth, economics, politics, culture, and memory offers an uncommonly lucid account of inequality, segregation, and their denial.” Ira KatInelson, author of When Affirmative Action Was White At better bookstores or to order call 800-621-2736 I JULY 11, 2008 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 23