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Cesar Chavez and the Common Sense of Nonviolence Jose-Antonio Orosco Orosco seeks to elevate Chavez as an original thinker. Chavez developed distinct ideas about nonviolent theory that are timely for dealing with today’s social and political issues, including racism, sexism, immigration, globalization, and political violence. University of New Mexico Press UNMPRESS.COM 800.249.7737 \(11.n, tTr.k . aleo. e -00X216.#0, Serving the Austin community since 1975 SAVE AND SUSTAIN BOOK-WOMAN Help save an endangered species: The independent women’s bookstore For details go to “Obviously, you’ve got an influx of voters, elections have been tighter and the population in general has been increasing,” she said. If the Texas House passes a new bill and the current split between Republicans and Democrats in the Senate holds up in Novemberor if Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst decides to label voter ID an “emergency’ issue and allow a simple majority to bring the bill to the floorTexas will again be poised to enact stringent identification requirements. “We know there’s going to be a big fight in the Lege this session,” said Figueroa. “Last year, there were 11 Senate Democrats that forced a block. And we expect our allies will still be there. Nothing’s really changed.” The issue could be resolved with a compromise, as some states have done, by allowing voters without photo identification to affirm their identity provisionally before casting their ballots. Or Dewhurst and the Republicans could prevail, in which event a lawsuit will likely follow. For Republicans, that might not matter if a voter ID law helps them stay in power long enough to influence legislative and congressional redistricting in 2011. While the legal hurdles this time around will be higher thanks to the Court’s recent decision, any future challenge of a voter ID lawwhether in Texas or elsewherewill be supported by much more research on the effects of such laws on the voting population. “There are a lot of studies that suggest this is a problem,” Weiser said. “The Court acknowledged that there is a body of evidence out there that might be able to substantiate this burden, but it did not come out in this case. So this is not the end of the story on voter ID as a litigation matter.” Anthony Zurcher is a writer living in Washington, D.C. He is an editor with Creators Syndicate and editor-in-chief of Supreme Court Debates magazine. This Alfaguara Prize winner “will thrill English-language readers.” Ariel Dorfman Mar9arita, How Beautiful the Sea a novel by SERGIO RAMiREZ “Using brilliant language, Ramirez interweaves myth and reality to enrich the plot of this fascinating novel.” Claribel Alegria a La n Translation Selection ISBN: 978-1-931896-41-2 / $15.95 Distributed to the trade by Consortium/Perseus CURBSTONE PRESS MAY 16, 2008 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 9