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OURIMOROSSINSPORMNIMIli $180110.61111. BOOKS Si THE ULTURE San Antonio’s original Pig Stand #29. photo courtesy Richard Hailey ith her adult son Last Pig in tow, Alexa Lagunas returned to the faded old Standing Pig Stand res taurant on lower Broadway in San Antonio recently, looking for a familiar plate of fish and chips, a milk shake, and some sweet In San Antonio, Texas’ founding echoes of days gone by. contribution to fast-food culture hangs “I come back for the memories. On a Friday night, it was always a big crowd on by the hair of its chinny chin chin. of people. The place was like a magnet,” says Lagunas, 57, who was raised a few blocks away. “It makes me think of all the good By JOHN MacCORMACK times I had when I was growing up, how we all enjoyed it,” she says. “There were lots of teenagers, everyone friendly, and the car-hopping was going big-time.” In one sense, time stopped in 1963 20 THE TEXAS OBSERVER MAY 2, 2008