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Ghosts of El Grullo Patricia Santana A sequel to Santana’s acclaimed Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility, Ghosts of El Grullo follows Yolanda Sahagnn as she struggles to find her place in her family and the world. University of New Mexico Press UNMPRESS.COM 800.249.7737 ghosts of ei o \\ I: 11 tAC .,\\I.\\\\ Ii iI auto, Haig International Headquarters Come Visit us for WNCH! In addition to our organic coffee, pizzas, empanadas, pastries and pies, we now prepare made to order sandwiches, salads, and even black bean gazpacho. 3601 S. Congress off E. Alpine Penn Field under the water tower clink our site tar monthly calendar Va% rtitikirria iftga MIT ility”Aiintrrp. CL \(ON” IT1115? Finally, Mike Utt, Daggett’s volunteer election judge, arrived to explain the process. They soon signed in for their candidates-18 for Hillary and two for Obama. “If anybody’s interested in becoming a precinct chairperson, let me know,” Utt announced. “You handle elections. They actually pay you to do this” Juanita Robles raised her hand. She’s lived in the neighborhood all her life and voted in many elections, but never attended a caucus until now. The energy of the Clinton-Obama race had drawn her to Daggett. By the end of the night, she was the Democratic Party’s newest precinct chair. Seated at a small, green table in a classroom, Robles filled out the necessary paperwork and prepared to call in the caucus results. On March 29, she said, she will attend the county convention. “We’re just getting started with the process in general,” Robles said. “We volunteered, and now it’s our baby.” Will caucus-goers return for the county conventions on March 29? The Clinton campaign has asked the state party to verify the identities of caucus goers before the county conventions take place. At press time the state party had not the precinct caucuses is supposed to caucus again at the county conventions, where delegates will be named for the third and final tier in the processthe state convention. It’s one thing to show up on the night of a major Election Day during the excitement of a campaign. It’s quite another to devote a spring Saturday four weeks later to the arcane process of delegate selection. The Clinton and Obama campaigns must ensure that their delegates turn up for the county conventions, and that they don’t change their minds. Delegates aren’t locked into a candidate until the state convention. All of which means the caucus results remain fluid. Contact us and we’ll send a FREE Observer to your friends! For your referral you’ll get the option to ex tend your Observer subscription for one year at a discounted rate! Go online at or detach and mail form below and any additional names to: The Texas Observer, 307 W. 7th Street, Austin, Texas 78701 0 Extend my subscription for just $27 0 Check enclosed Charge to my 0 VISA MasterCard AmEx Number: Exp. Date: Name on card: Street address: City/ST/ZIP: *Phone: ” Phone number required for credit card processing. Friend’s name: Street address: City/ST/ZIP: Friend’s name: Street address: City/ST/ZIP: MARCH 21, 2008 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 23