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, Ukftli41AV41.4″A FURIES Summer Books Issue AUGUST 10, 2007 Dialogue 2 FEATURES Moveable Feast 4 Eating Local is being offered as one solution to global warming. A spate of new books promotes the notion that locally grown food is always the greenest option, but the arguments are undernourished. by JAMES E. McWILLIAMS Chasing Assassins 10 David Talbot’s new book chronicles Robert Kennedy’s efforts to get to the bottom of his brother’s assassination and explores how the brothers’ actions may have contributed to their untimely deaths. by MATTHEW STEVENSON BOOKS & CULTURE Feminine Wilds 16 Women write about living on the land, solitude, and overcoming obstacles in a collection of poems and essays that brings new voices to the wilderness. by JANET HEIMLICH For Bolaiio, No Divine Intervention 22 Four years after his death, Chilean-born writer Roberto Bolan is moving quickly toward literary canonization. by ROBERTO ONTIVEROS Heartbreak Hotel 27 Seth Abramsky dissects the folly of a prison system that incarcerates so many and rehabilitates so few. by STAYTON BONNER Earthly Emancipator 29 Beverly Lowry’s new biography frees Harriet Tubman from the hagiographers. by CHAR MILLER High Stakes T..xas Bingo 32 New fiction by JOHN MECKLIN Afterword 37 Poetry 19 by CONSTANCE CAMPBELL & SUZANNE FREEMAN by EMILY DePRANG Cover design by Leah Ball, Photograph by Daniel Carter, Cake by Central Market Westgate THE TEXAS OBSERVER I VOLUME 99, NO. 15 I A Journal of Free Voices Since 1954 Founding Editor Ronnie Dugger Executive Editor Jake Bernstein Managing Editor David Pasztor Associate Editor Dave Mann Publisher Charlotte McCann Associate Publisher Julia Austin Circulation Manager Lara George Tucker Art Director Leah Ball Webmaster Daniel Carter Investigative Reporter Eileen Welsome Poetry Editor Naomi Shihab Nye Copy Editor Rusty Todd Staff Writer Forrest Wilder Moller Matt Wright Admit Asst. Nhu Truong Editorial Interns Jun Wang, Jeff Benzing, Victoria Sanchez Contributing Writers Nate Blakeslee, Gabriela Bocagrande, Robert Bryce, Michael Erard, James K. Galbraith, Dagoberto Gilb, Steven G. Kellman, James McWilliams, Char Miller, Debbie Nathan, Karen Olsson, John Ross, Andrew Wheat Staff Photographers Alan Pogue, Jana Birchum, Steve Satterwhite Contributing Artists Sam Hurt, Kevin Kreneck, Michael Krone, Gary Oliver, Doug Potter Editorial Advisory Board David Anderson, Chandler Davidson, Dave Denison, Sissy Farenthold, Lawrence Goodwyn, Jim Hightower, Kaye Northcott, Susan Reid Texas Democracy Foundation Board Lou Dubose, Mary Margaret Farabee, D’Ann Johnson, Melissa Jones, Jim Marston, Mary Nell Mathis, Gilberto Ocarias, Bernard Rapoport, Geoffrey Rips, Geronimo Rodriquez, Sharron Rush, Kelly White, In Memoriam Molly Ivins, 1944-2007 Bob Eckhardt, 1913-2001, Cliff Olofson,1931 -1995 The Texas Observer \(ISSN 0040-4519/ righted 2007, is published biweekly except during January and August when there is a 4 week break by the Texas Democracy Foundation, West 7th Street, Austin, Texas 78701. E-mail World Wide Web DownHome page . Periodicals Postage paid at Austin, TX and at additional mailing offices. Subscriptions One year $32, two years $59, three years $84. Full-time students $18 per year; add $13 per year for foreign subs. Back issues $3 prepaid. Airmail, foreign, group, and bulk rates on request. Microfilm available from University Microfilms Intl., 300 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Indexes The Texas Observer is indexed in Access: The Supplementary Index to Periodicals; Texas Index and, for the years 1954 through 1981, The Texas Observer Index. POSTMASTER Send address changes to: The Texas Observer, 307 West 7th Street, Austin, Texas 78701. in .Books & the Culture is funded part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts=:`,`,`” Division and by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts. AUGUST 10, 2007 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 3