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riff ittF: DAVID B. HANCOCK, Defendant Judge’s Od e .’/24.i.14.11.601 ,41r16 ,151…g1.1.SVEWEll’,Ln.V.a4NL-Vii..igien.i064.:aiPEA 1.1.V.1:44:0 ,—‘”–.”-igw,F#A7, , IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT ma se i FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS1S1 APR 25 rn AUSTIN DIVISION I.EAK cis CQ WESTERN3IST E T KEYSTONE MEDIA INTERNATIONAL, LLC, Plaintiff, Case No. A-06-CA-594-SS ORDER BE IT REMEMBERED on the AS _'”tray of April 2007 the Court reviewed the file in the above-styled cause, and specifically the defendant Hancock’s Motion for Protection filed April 23, 2001, and after reading it a second time to make sure it was not a practical joke, the Court enters the Stallions can drink water from a creek without a ripple; The lawyers in this case must have a bottle with a nipple. Babies learn to walk by scooting and falling; These lawyers practice law by simply mauling following: Each other and the judge, but this must end soon Surely lawyers who practice in federal court can take A deposition without a judge’s order, for goodness sake. First, the arguments about taking the deposition at all, And now thisestablishing their experience to be small. So, let me tell you both and be abundantly clean If you can’t work this without me, I will be near. There will be a hearing with pablurn to eat And a very cool cell where you can meet AND WORK OUT YOUR, INFANTILE PROBLEM WITH THE DEPOSITION. IT IS ORDERED that the Motion to Dismiss is DISMISSED, SIGNED this the a 6tay of April 2007. uNrr .D S ATES DIST tisilleiTalf1**.trOnft:Cthintir..ilnritalsarni…11;4741..r.,…tW.9.M3.1101.311:WW2u.9.3411.431,ALWL.A.IPAMWO.W4CAM,VNIPES% e4iiien7 -0:144411,0tic, !in*: … ‘ ‘ 1.9MIFO.VALIWARR.IVEIRMAISPRONERSVSMAtiel . . . . lfdltAIYINTIVIIIIMMIMMLOWftrihnr.11i*Matt niitalBSEILLIPEP.PatiftlIWAlltIThlitaP490109.1/100.** .0Aliffi*PetiriNOI00147tR.3TritIALSTRYFAbiee ,111ftalUni751