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by Clemens P. Work “Darkest Before Dawn: Sedition and Free Speech in the American West is a formidable piece of scholarship, a fine and readable history on the wax and wane of free speech, our ability as Americans to say what we believe. Shot through with contemporary resonances, Work’s book would make an ideal present for an y one with the least bit of political leanings.” -New West! The Voice of the Rocky Mountains University of New Mexico Press UNMPRESS.COM 800.249.7737 DARKEST 1k BEFORE DAWN Sedition and Free Speech * in the rican wvvvv.planetittexas —coin GROWNUP GIFTS FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES IN & NORTH SOUTH EAST S.E.IVIILITARY 832-8544 443-2292 654-8536 333-3043 RESEARCH E. RIVERSIDE CENTRAL WEST 502-9323 441-5555 822-7167 521-5213 06server readers are SMART PROGRESSIVE INVOLVED INFLUENTIAL GOOD LOOKING c$e are 06server aavertisersr Get noticed by Texas Observer folks all over the state and nation. Let them know about your bookstore, service, restaurant, non-profit organization, event, political candidate, shoe store, coffee house, boutique, salon, yoga studio, law practice, etc. ADVERTISE IN THE OBSERVER! REASONABLE RATES GREAT EXPOSURE Call 512-477-0746 and ask for Julia Austin or e-mail [email protected] Re a , 06server reciaersr Consider advertising your business or non-profit in the Observer. GOOD FOR YOU GOOD FOR THE OBSERVER DECEMBER 1, 2006 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 29