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TIMELESS TEXAS LAURENCE PARENT The photographs presented here are this talented photographer’s black and white tribute to the landscape of Texas. Extended captions capture the adventure, hard work, and funny moments that resulted in this book. $30.00 cloth PRAIRIE TIME A Blackland Portrait MATT WHITE FOREWORD BY JAMES A. GRIMSHAW JR. “It seems fair that every region, every landscape, every place deserves a champion. The imperiled prairies of northeast Texas certainly have one in Matt White, a native son and an unabashed prairie enthusiast. . . . As such, he offers a credible voice and insight into the Blackland Prairie, its history, its residents, its architecture, and its natural diversity.”Carter Smith, Texas State Director, The Nature Conservancy of Texas $19.95 cloth WANTED Historic County Jails of Texas EDWARD A. BLACKBURN This heavily illustrated guide provides brief histories of each of the state’s 254 counties and their jails. Colorful anecdotes resulting from interviews with local officials, historians, and newspaper publishers are also included and help add to the architectural and cultural history. A lit. At K AND THE FIRST WACO HORROR The Lynching of Jesse Washington and the Rise of the NAACP PATRICIA BERNSTEIN The author examines the horrific 1916 lynching and murder of a young black boy in Waco and how it influenced the NAACP’s antilynching campaign. “Personalizing this tragedy puts a face and a name on an historic and horrific event that must not be forgotten. An important piece of historical research, well written and powerful.” Morris Dees, Co-Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center $19.95 paper ov i tilt t Y …. MN,. It ;:r ‘ k,stifv.futt Ali fl Tt neif …AF photo by Laurence Parent frorn.Proelk*Texo 16 THE TEXAS OBSERVER MAY 5, 2006