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How Big Money & Corruption Conquered Our Government and How We Take It Back WILL HOST DAVID SIROTH IN THE NATIONAL LAUNCH OF HIS NEW BOOK HOSTILE TAKEOVER: HOW BIG MONEY AND CORRUPTION HAVE CONQUERED OUR GOVERNMENT AND HOW WE CAN TAKE IT BACK AND A PANEL DISCUSSION FEATURING MOLLY IVINS I ROBERT BRYCE AND OTHER GUESTS DAVID WILL ALSO BE SIGNING COPIES OF HIS BOOK. David Sirota is the founder and co-chair of the Progressive back against the right-wing’s extremist campaigns at the state level. He is widely known for his tenacious focus on working class economic issues. Sirota is currently a senior editor at In These Times magazine. He is also the author of a regular section in The Nation, a regular contributor to The American Prospect, blogger for Working Assets, and a twice-weekly guest on The Al Franken Show. FRIDAY, APRIL 21 THE OLD SCHOOL AUSTIN 6:30 TO 9:30 RECEPTION 6 DISCUSSION 1604 E. 11TH Si. I AUSTIN SPECIAL GUEST: CONGRESSMAN LLOYD DOGGETT We will start with a reception at 6:30 with special guest Lloyd Doggett. Then the Observer will present a panel discussion with David Sirota, Molly Ivins, Robert Bryce and other guests, followed by a question and answer session. $10 SUGGESTED DONATION FOR INFO CALL OR E-MAIL JULIA AUSTIN AT 512-477-0746 OR [email protected] “This book raises important questions about our country’s political system, questions that both parties must confront. Hostile Takeover makes a strong case that American democracy is under attack. Every politically engaged citizen who wants to know what challenges we face and how we can rebuild our country’s democracy should read this book.” Al Gore “Hostile Takeover is a blunt, two-fisted attack that pulls back the covers on the cozy canoodling between corporations and our government. Sirota ferociously indicts politicians of both political parties for their shameless peddling of corporate PR and, in doing so, provides an indispensable guide to decoding the lies, red herrings, and propaganda of big business and its bought-and-paid-for mouthpieces on Capitol Hill.” Arianna Huffington “Hostile Takeover is not for the Powers That Be, but for the Powers That Ought to Bethe ordinary grassroots people of our country. Use this book as a lesson plan and action plan for taking our government back.” Jim Hightower DAVID SIROTA HOSTILE TAKEOVER