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VrindfSrm hree’ ups of c Te’a. Wednesday 5 April 7 pm In 1993 Greg Mortenson wandered emaciated and lost through Pakistan’s Karakoram Himalaya after a failed mission to ascend K2. He was taken in by the people of an impoverished Pakistani village, and Mortenson promised to return one day and build them a school. From that promise grew one of the most incredible humanitarian campaigns of our timea one-man mission to counteract extremism by building schools, particularly for women, throughout the breeding ground of the Taliban. Greg Mortenson will be at BookPeople at 7 pm to sign and discuss the book that chronicles his experiences working within the most Anti-American reaches of Asia. You don’t want to miss it. Bookstore Giftshop Coffeehouse 9 am 11 pm everyday 603 N. Lamar Austin, TX 78703 512.472-5050 shop online at: Publishers Weekly BOOKSELLER OF THE YEAR 2005 “Best bookstore in the country” 13 ‘\(.7me.Ntan’s to Fitht ‘re.rortios. “`..S.co4 it Ilm< tm ,.10 01.1vER GREG MORTENSON THREE CUPS OF TEA slu,uld this book." --Al. GOUT Webb County, continued from page 13 ize that the captive was a teenager. His point seemed to be that these experiences are part of what made him into who he is today. Clearly the man has made a few enemies. As a city councilmanthe job he held before becoming county judge Bruni was arrested for an alleged violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act. The charges were eventually dropped, and he took a two-hour refresher course on what open meetings are supposed to mean in Texas. Rumors circulated about the other candidates, as well. Benavides, for exam ple, was said to have a domestic violence record. When asked by LareDOS, a monthly publication in Laredo, if he had been arrested, his answer was a simple "Yes." When I asked him to elaborate, he told me about three occasions when police took him into custody because of domestic violence allegations, which he said were later retracted. He denied abusing his ex-wife and said he was never charged. Benavides said the incidents, while regrettable, were the result of a rocky marriage. Because the charges were unfounded, he said, they are not relevant in the campaign. In the brief stretch before the runoff, Benavides wants to concentrate on the basics of campaigning, which may be a little easier without Bruni's attacks in television ads. His campaign manager, Aldo Ortegon, said in the remaining days, the campaign strategy will include targeted block-walking, more ads, and vying for the support of those who backed Gutierrez and Bruni. Valdez says the key will be to keep his supporters' enthusiasm high and to make sure they get to the polls one more time. To that end, he's still block-walking. "That's been my M.O.," he said. "That's not going to change." DAVID SIROTII is the founder and co-chair of the Progressive the right-wing's extremist campaigns at the state level. He is widely known for his tenacious focus on working class economic issues. Sirota is currently a senior editor at In These Times magazine. He is also the author of a regular section in The Nation, a regular contributor to The American Prospect, blogger for Working Assets, and a twice-weekly guest on The Al Franken Show. Hostile Takeover is a guide to fighting the forces hostile to average Americans that are hijacking our government. SPECIAL GUEST: CONGRESSMAN LLOYD DOGGETT Hostile Takeover is not for the Powers That Be, but for the Powers That Ought to Bethe ordinary grassroots people of our country. Use this book as a lesson plan and action plan for taking our government back." Jim Hightower The Texas Observer will host David's first book signing. FRIDAY APRIL 21 THE OLD SCHOOL IN AUSTIN 6:30 to 9:30 reception & discussion 1604 E. 11th St. Austin 510 SUGGESTED DONATION FOR INFO CALL OR EMAIL JULIA AUSTIN AT 512-477-0746 OR [email protected] 1 LXASOBSERVERORG DAVID SIROTA OSTILE TAKEOVER How Big Money & Corruption Conquered Our Government and How We Take It Back 22 THE TEXAS OBSERVER MARCH 24, 2006