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PRISONS ARE OUR MOST PROFITABLE INDUSTRY “We’re Way ilf.yond Shame” Hi, I’m Senator Tommy Williams for The Confinement Store You Can’t Get Your Home Furnishings At The Confinement Store, But I Can! Lots of Texas officials get quality furnishings handcrafted by Texas prisoners for near-slavery wages from The Confinement Store because we’re the guys who made the laws in the first place. You see, people like me and Sen. Eddie Lucio, or Rep. Tony Goolsby, or Rep. Vicki Truitt and God knows who else we don’t mind being an embarrassment to Texas, because now we got good home furnishings made by the wretched of the earth almost free. Now that’s good government. TEXAS PRISON INDUSTRIES CONFINEMENT STORES: A BARGAIN FOR THOSE WHO DON’T THINK TOO DEEP