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POETRY I BY TREY MOORE REASSURING AS THE HIPPOPOTAMUS AT THE ZOO a hill receives the soft orange glow and downy caresses of evening a hill, where great white egrets gather circle slowly flapping amongst the city tranquil evening on their wings slowly flapping. in a bath of thin mesquite veiled wetlands cure concrete skyscrapers our rivers quietly nurtured by the wind’s blessing a distance led behind on the edges, the wings softly curved ellipses over broadway skid row motels camping homeless of brackenridge oil dripping into storm drains into us. we are the memory held by the ancient egret slowly orbiting the hill early morning DELICIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM tongue inside we will follow government, how to feed and entertain while we smile our boys and girls to sea trading imperial garlands to perpetuate first glimpses anger crowding the gas station halogen light green night vision missiles innocent amputee and bloody children the dead runneth over tongue inside we will follow send us all your poor to catch uranium tipped bullets man might destroy himself who wasn’t chewing this? lodged in the soul tongue inside we will follow TREY MOORE lives in San Antonio. An arts activist, he currently enjoys the smell of cut wood and watches hours of PBS on the sideNaomi Shihab Nye NOVEMBER 4, 2005 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 21