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THE TEXAS CIVIL RIGHTS PROJECT is pleased to announce its 15th Anniversary Dinner featuring PAUL RUSESABAGINA Real-life hero of the film Hotel Rwanda With remarks by Congressman HAROLD FORD, JR. Hotel Rwanda Writer/Director TERRY GEORGE Sunday October 23, 2005 University of Texas Union Ballroom 6:00pm Registration/Reception-7:OOpm Dinner Contact Claire McKeever at 512-474-5073 for ticket information TEXAS CIVIL RIGHTS PROJECT DIVERSITY COMUNIDAD –1Fird 4 EQUALITY JUSTICIA p oh we’re out there Fundies, continued from page 12 how you think you’re better than them. Personally, my fight isn’t that. And again, supporting this amendment is not an act of hostility. It’s not a personal act of violence. Perhaps as a church we’ve done a poor job of articulating that, maybe because at times we’re not mature enough in our relationship with God that we can articulate it that way. But I’m not going to question a person’s Christianity because they’re flinging words of hate at homosexuals. I won’t agree with it, but I’m very careful about making a judgment call and saying, “Hey, I don’t think you’re Christian.” I heard recently there was a church, a Baptist church, in one of the southern statesthey did some kind of rally, yelling, “We hate homosexuals. We hate you for this. God’s going to kill you. God hates you. Blah, blah, blab.” Clearly, that’s wrong. No doubt, no doubt. Now if this is a church doing it, well, you know, there are some elements of that kind of thinking everywhere. Look at some of the extreme Muslim churches, you know”God hates everyone who isn’t Muslim, so we’re going kill you all.” You gotta watch out for that, but that kind of extreme position is not representative of the Christian body. Steve Satterwhite is a an award-winning photo journalist who lives in Duncanville and is working hard to finish his B.A. in History at Dallas Baptist University. Muckraker, continued from page 17 governor Haley Barbour. Now the Katrina debacle that exposed the failures of FEMA under Allbaugh’s resume-inflating pal has opened floodgates of federal spending that look like they will enrich the Allbaughs. In a 2004 National Journal article posted on his lobby firm website, Joe Allbaugh said, “I don’t buy the ‘revolving door’ argument. This is America. We all have a right to make a living.” If Allbaugh doesn’t buy the ‘revolving door’ argument, it may be because he is too busy selling it. Andrew Wheat is research director of Texans for Public Justice. 20 THE TEXAS OBSERVER OCTOBER 7, 2005