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” WO W, I remember when an thesc trees wert.3 parlont; lot The future can be taller. Quieter. And filled with green places. Invest in tomorrow today. 1-800-530-5321 vvww dornini. corn You should consider the Domini Funds’ investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before Investing. Please obtain a copy of the Funds’ current prospectus for more complete information on these and other topics by calling 1-800-530-5321 or online at www.domini,com. Please read it carefully before investing or sending money. DSIL Investment Services LLC, Distributor. 04/05 THE GOP, A CASH COW FOR CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS? ethics committee suggests that lobbyist Jack Abramoff may have bankrolled a lavish junket that DeLay took to Europe in 2000. Such a payment would violate House rules that bar lobbyists from paying for congressional travel \(see “Senatorial Courtesy,” August 26, indicted Abramoff last month, charging him with defrauding lenders when he bought a $148 million casino business in 2000. One $6,000 donor to DeLay’s legal fund is Congressman Randy “Duke” last month that he is starting his own legal fund. Federal prosecutors and the FBI are investigating perks that Cunningham has received from federal contractors. The founder of Pentagon contractor MZM, Inc., for example, let Cunningham live on his 42-foot yacht in the Potomac when the congressman was in Washington. MZM founder Mitchell Wade also bought Cunningham’s Southern California home for $1.7 million in 2003only to sell it shortly thereafter at a $700,000 loss. No evidence has surfaced yet that anyone has organized legal-defense funds for Bush strategist Karl Rove or Ohio’s embattled Republican governor. Rove is a central player in the criminal probe into how the not-so-secret cover of CIA agent Valerie Plame got blown, apparently as retaliation against Plame’s husband after he refuted a White House claim that Saddam Hussein had gone nuclear-bomb shopping in Niger. Ohio Governor Bob Taft’s conviction last month for failing to disclose that dozens of corporate executives had paid his expensive golf tabs made him Ohio’s first chief executive to be convicted of a crime. A Taft spokesman says the governor is paying his own legal bills. The White House did not return a call about Rove’s legal bills. SENT TO PRISM Colyandro and Ellis also have political gigs to pay the bills. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Governor Rick Perry’s endorsement in June of a new Colyandro and Ellis website that urges voters to pass a state constitutional amendment in November to ban gay marriages. Through the lobby firm that employs them, Performance and Results International Strategy Ellis also created the Texas Marriage Alliance PAC. This fund has reported raising $10,000all from Houston homebuilder Bob Perry, whose family gave $10,000 to DeLay’s legal fund and $170,000 to TRMPAC. The Observer previously reported how PRISM is paying Colyandro up to $150,000 this year to lobby the Texas Legislature on behalf of four government contractors \(see “Lobbying While website advertises that Colyandro “led direct contact efforts at Karl Rove and Company for ten years”; it also touts Ellis as the director of DeLay’s Americans for a Republican Majority PAC. As such, special interests may see PRISM and the new legal fund for PRISM’s indicted employees as back doors to curry favor with the White House and the House majority leader. The Colyandro-Ellis legal fund, however, refuses to reveal its donors. Andrew Wheat is research director of Texans for Public Justice. SEPTEMBER 9, 2005 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17