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Dialogue WORST-CASE SCENARIO It is easy to agree with Molly Ivins [“From Deep Throat to Downing Street,” July 8], but she does not go far enough. Obviously, the Bush Administration and its war hawks had determined to invade Iraq before the beginning of the spinning of the American Public towards that goal. Each time an Inspector Team returned empty-handed in the search for WMDs, a new Inspector Team was dispatched until four groups had confirmed that no WMDs did exist. In addition to the Downing Street memos that Molly cites to refer to the Bush Administration’s prior intent, any thorough investigation of the Iraq adventure requires a reading of the excellent 74-page study issued in February, 2003 by the Strategic Studies Institute of the Army War College. The study is titled: “Reconstructing Iraq: Insights, Challenges, and Mission for Military Forces in a Post-Conflict Scenario.” This study must have been assigned in 1999 or 2000 or earlier for the authors to have been able to complete the research and compile a study of this magnitude. A reader of the Army War College study will find that it accurately and precisely forecasted what’s happening in Iraq today and concluded in part that “… the longer U.S. presence is maintained, the more likely violent resistance will develop.” Obviously, the war promoters either this Army War College study and the spin continues even today as to our aims and goals there. This is an administration that engages in politics rather than in governing and assumes no responsibility for failings or miscalculations. Possibly, the Rove Revelations now under investigation might awaken the public and the media to the true Halloween nature and make-believe illusions of this White House. Jesse H. Oppenheimer San Antonio REAL FAMILY VALUES Molly Ivins in the June 10 issue reports that the Legislature went on record on behalf of all Texans opposing gay marriage [“Bigotry, Texas-Style”]. Ivins quotes Houston Representative Senfronia Thompson who considers the Chisum amendment a statement of “hate and fear and discrimination.” Yet, the anti-gay marriage vote is a relatively mild statement. If Texas is to be a model for a Christian nation, the amendment must be strengthened to also prohibit adultery and, casting a wider net, fornication. See, for example, the Shelby Knox interview in the same issue, “Who’s Afraid of Shelby Knox?” Representative Thompson says she finds no Biblical reference to gay marriage. But we know two of the Ten Commandments address adultery and coveting thy neighbor’s wife well be included in the amendment. Why not a real family values amendment? Or could it be that some members of the Legislature have something to hide? Mort Malkin Milanville, PA GREAT GROVER Thanks so much for introducing me to the writing of Grover Lewis, in both the review and reminiscence by Dave Hickey and in the excerpt by the late Grover Lewis. [“Magazine writer” by Dave Hickey and “Goodbye If You Call That Gone” by Grover Lewis, June 24] This is great stuff. Lewis writes with precision and passion about matters that are almost invisible in our culture, especially class and money and the gritty everyday meaning of those words outside the college classroom. Thanks. Tom Doyal Austin AUGUST 26, 2005 The Texas Observer FEATURES SENATORIAL COURTESY 4 Will John McCain Let Republican Perps Walk? by Lou Dubose ROADMAP TO A SCANDAL 10 The first TRMPAC-related trial set the stage for the criminal process to come by Jake Bernstein DEPARTMENTS DIALOGUE 2 EDITORIAL 3 Suffer the Little Legislators POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE 12 MOLLY WINS 14 Solidarity Later JIM HIGHTOWER 15 Uncle Sam’s Got Your Number DATELINE 16 Letter from Camp Casey Text by Margie Becker Photographs by Vic Hinterlang BOOKS & CULTURE POETRY 21 by Carol Coffee Reposa OUT OF DARKNESS 22 by Geoff Rips AFTERWORD 27 Besieged by Sophisticates by Karen Olsson Cover by Matt Omohundro. 2 THE TEXAS OBSERVER AUGUST 26, 2005