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“Forty-four secondsthat’s “It might look like you. It almost as fast as Mr. Craddick might look like me. It’s going overrules my points of order.” to have to look like someone.” Jeremy Wariner, an Olympic gold medalist responding to criticism that a figure from Baylor University, for his record time in the planned Juneteenth memorial in the 400-meter race. resembles him. “In a contest of wills, the House has an iron will, and the Senate ranges anywhere from frozen butter to melted butter. But it’s still butter.” The Dallas Morning News. “This bill allows for demographically challenged people to get a voucher, to get a scholarship out of a low performing public school.” Rep. championing vouchers. “We are using fingerprints, face prints, pretty soon we are going to be using butt prints.” passage of a law that forces all Texans to give biometric information to the Department of Public Safety in order to get a drivers’ license. “We’ve made it so they can’t go to the bathroom without checking five boxes.” public school accountability. “When you become black, Mr. Bohac, you will understand why there is a Voting Rights Act.” during debate on a measure that would make it more difficult for the poor and minorities to vote. “I take offense when people associate me and my race and my culture with a social ill. I don’t see how the two relate to each other. I just wanted to make that clear.” comparison of discrimination based on race with discrimination based on sexual orientation. “This amendment is blowing smoke to fuel the hell-fire flames of bigotry. When people of my color used to marry someone of Mr. Chisum’s color, you’d often find people of my color hanging from a tree. That’s what white people back then did to protect marriage.” to add a ban to gay marriage in the Texas Constitution. “There is only one reason that this issue is before us when most members don’t want to vote on it, and it is because a major contributor is in the back hall.” vouchers and Jim Leininger. “What I have going on personally doesn’t have a motherfucking thing to do with nothing. If that’s what you are after, fuck you.” to a reporter’s impertinent question. “You need any adult supervision, you come and see me in my office.” introducing himself to an Observer reporter on her first day at the Capitol. JUNE 24, 2005 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 7