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ACLU OF TEXAS KEEPING TEXAS SAFE AND FREE RESPECTED, Since 2000, the ACLU OF TEXAS has built a broad coalition of partners to advance freedom and justice for all Texans. EFFECTIVE, The ACLU of Texas works on both sides of the aisle to pass broad criminat justice reform legislation and bills protecting freedom and privacy. POWERFUL. With 15,000 card -carrying members across Texas, cooperating attorneys bringing justice to Tuba, Houston and all points in between, volunteer activists in campus and community chapters as well as in the halls of the Texas capitol, and 15 staff members working hard every day to guard liberty, the ACLU of Texas is a rising star in the Lone Star State. STAND WITH US NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. BECOME A CARD-CARRYING MEMBER, OR RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TODAY. * JOIN * GIVE * VOLUNTEER * ACLU AMERICAN 1 OBE T1 S Ot % o TEXAS WWW.ACLUTX.ORG EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, WILLIAM C. HARRELL, JO, LLM P.O. BOX 12905 * AUSTIN, TX 78711-2905 * [email protected] PAID FOR BY THE ACLU OF TEXAS AND THE ACLU FOUNDATION OF TEXAS. MEMBERSHIP DUES AND GIFTS TO THE ACLU OF TEXAS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE. GIFTS TO THE ACLU FOUNDATION OF TEXAS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. 16 THE TEXAS OBSERVER APRIL 15, 2005