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TRMPAC, continued from page 8 State Federal Relations confirms that Maloney is still workcompanies from civil lawsuit damages, were a major force in the TRMPAC coalition. Although Speaker Craddick and the TRMPAC majority in the House passed a mammoth tort reform measure in 2003, tort reformers couldn’t surmount opposition to asbestos “reform” in the Senate. They are trying again this session. Maloney also relates in his e-mails that he will be delivering stances under which DeLay sealed the Reliant deal earned him a rebuke from the U.S. House ethics committee in 2004. In early June 2002, DeLay held a two-day golf tournament at the Homestead resort in Hot Springs, Virginia. The cost of attending the event was a corporate contribution of $25,000 to $50,000. Five energy companies were invited by Maloney to attend: El Paso Corp., Mirant, Reliant Energy, Westar Energy, and Williams Companies. \(DeLay’s dealings with The golfing took place just before a House-Senate conference on an omnibus energy bill. \(It’s understandable why, four months later, Maloney would complain about Reliant’s to benefit equally TRMPAC and DeLay’s Americans for a 0 June 24, 2002 TRMPC 400 W. 15th Street Suite 600 Austin, TX 78701 Dear Congressman DeLay: On behalf of the Williams Companies, Inc., I am pleased to forward our contribution of $25,000 for the TRMPAC that we pledged at the June 2, 2002 fundraiser. With best wishes. Sincerely, -e t7s6Ezt,i-Livc_L Deborah B. Lawrence Vice President Government Affairs 10 THE TEXAS OBSERVER APRIL 1, 2005 DEBORAH B. LAWRENCE Vice President Government Affairs 202/833-8994 202/835-0707 fax 1627 Eye Street. N.W., Suite 900 Washington. D.C. 20006