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7,Siffitleala V70^ ;,e.i/N. “He’s as real a writer as Hemingway. He’s timeless.” Kris Kristofferson, quoted in the Dallas Morning News “[Billy Joe Shaver] was and is that rarest of talents, an utterly distinctive, impeccably honest writer of songs.” No Depression CONTAINS THE LYRICS TO ALL OF DILLY TOE SHAVER’S RECORDED SONGS! Vre :*& e HONK Y TONK HERO ys Fwwv\(m5M4Onagrakat Milagros, Retablos and Arte Popular 0, FOLK ART & OTHER TREASURES FROM AROUND THE WORLD 209 CONGRESS AVEAUSTIN 512/479-8377 OPEN DAILY 10-6, FREE PARKING BEHIND THE STORE Texas Observer Put your John Henry on our subscriber list. Sign up for 24 issues of The Texas Observer for just $32. You will find stories and information you can’t find anywhere else and you will be supporting a nonprofit warrior of a publication that stands up for people and speaks the truth about Texas. Subscribe online at or call us at Do it now things are happening all over Texas that you need to know about. The Texas Observer For 50 Years, the Truth of Texas www,texasobserver,org The Texas Observer 307 West 7th Street *Austin TX 70701 512.477.0746 In this compelling autobiography, Billy Joe Shaver looks back over a life that some might call a miracle of survival. As full of heartbreak and drama as any of .Billy Joe Shaver’s songs, Honky Tony Hero is the story of a man who not only walked on the wild side and lived to tell about it, but also got it all down in songs that many people consider to be some of the finest country music ever written. $39.95 Cloth *ay % UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESS 800-2 2-3206 WWW.IITLXASPRESS,CON 28 THE TEXAS OBSERVER MARCH 4, 2005