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You can make a difference in the world BoefPtte -t Solution Domini Social Equity Fund offers growth opportunities through a portfolio of stocks selected for their social and environmental performance. Domini Social Bond Fund provides diversification while supporting homeowners and small business owners in struggling communities. Domini Money Market Account offers safety and liquidity through FDICinsured deposits that help promote community development. You should consider the Domini Funds’ investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. Please obtain a copy of the Funds’ current prospectus for more complete information on these and other topics by calling 1-800-530-5321 or online at wwwdominicom. Please read it carefully before investing or sending money. Domini SOCIAL INVESTMENTS. Visit wwwdomlacom or The Way You Invest Matters’ Call us at 1 -800-530-5321 The Domini Social Equity Fund and the Domini Social Bond Fund are subject to market risks and are not insured. You may lose money. The Domini Social Bond Fund’s community development investments may be unrated and carry greater risks than the Fund’s other investments. The Domini Social Bond Fund currently holds a large percentage of its portfolio in mortgage-backed securities. During periods of falling interest rates these securities may prepay the principal due, which may lower the Fund’s return by causing it to reinvest Join TCADP for its annual conference and dinner to feature Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Governor George Ryan internationally recognized for his efforts to reform Illinois death penalty laws by commuting the death sentences of all 167 people on death row. for more information: 512.441.1808 x 106 [email protected] AN EVENING WITH FORMER GOVERNOR GEORGE H. RYAN OF ILLINOIS TEXAS COALITION TO ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY was willing to front me the dope. And a man with dope will soon find those willing to pay for it in this country. Matter of fact, they’ll find him. I did not want to sell to West Texas locals. To me it seemed like shitting in my own bedbesides, no one out there had any money. Instead I approached Arnold Kersh and his crew in Plainview, who could supply the Lubbock area. Later I also contacted a cousin of mine who lived in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. I got the marijuana into the country. They collected everybody’s paychecks. All of this wealth eventually took its toll on Oscar. While he did continue to turn over healthy amounts to his dad for distribution into the poor community of Piedritas, he also developed a liking for cocaine and whores. It seems to go with the business. Oscar moved his family to Fort Stockton and bought a small conservative home. His children learned English and enjoyed the privileges of most Americans. Oscar began to spend more and more time gone from home, in the company of people like Amado Carrillo and high ups in the Mexican governmentdrinking brandy, snorting lines, and screwing. No matter how much money a man makes, there’s never enough for that lifestyle. Maybe there are days when, to him, the cash seems unlimited, but mark my wordsthe day comes when he’ll look up and it’s gone. Don Henry Ford, Jr. began writing while incarcerated in federal prison. His 2003 novel, The Devil’s Swing, is also set in West Texas and northern Mexico. He now lives in Seguin, where he raises and trains thoroughbred horses. Condition, continued from page 15 dividends, or stock options of workers, executives, and investors,” Barlett and Steele write. “The same decisions in a health care company are matters of life and death.” To their credit, the authors are not merely critics of the present system. After five years of research, talking to people in every aspect of the present health care system, they are qualified to offer a solution, and they do. Wisely noting that the obvious solutionsingle-payer universal health carehas too much political baggage to get off the ground, they propose instead an independent, quasi-governmental agency modeled on the Federal Reserve System. This and other proposed reforms are some of the freshest thinking on health care reform this reviewer has heard for some time. Too bad their chances of getting a hearing any time in the near future is approximately zero. In the meanwhile, we’ll put up with rising costs, shrinking coverage, and the possibility that we just might die while we’re trying to get well. I feel sick. But please don’t call a doctor. Former TO intern Emily Pyle is a freelance writer based in Austin. Her article about the crisis in emergency health care in Houston, “The Emergency,” was published in the November 19, 2004 issue of the Observer. 1/7/05 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 37