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You can make a dillerence in the world Be Part of the Solution Domini Social Equity Fund offers growth opportunities through a portfolio of stocks selected for their social and environmental performance. Domini Social Bond Fund provides diversification while supporting homeowners and small business owners in struggling communities. Domini Money Market Account offers safety and liquidity through FDICinsured deposits that help promote community development. You should consider the Domini Funds’ investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. Please obtain a copy of the Funds’ current prospectus for more complete information on these and other topics by calling 1-800-530-5321 or online at . Please read it carefully before investing or sending money. Visit www..domint,com or Call us at 1-800-530-5321 The Way You Invest Matters’ The Domini Social Equity Fund and the Domini Social Bond Fund are subject to market risks and are not insured. You may lose money, The Domini Social Bond Fund’s community development investments may be unrated and carry greater risks than the Fund’s other investments. The Domini Social Bond Fund currently holds a large percentage of its portfolio in mortgage-backed securities. During periods of falling interest rates these securities may prepay the principal due, which may lower the Fund’s return by causing it to reinvest at lower interest rates. DSIL Domini SOCIAL INVESTMENTS* For 50 Years of Grit and Wit, and 50 More to Come. Fraternally, . 11/C 001 /1//10/d/i/C/1/: C011greSS Shan Illake no taw respecting of religion, or prohibitin the rivk: txercke thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of tiro Or the ri 3Ott or the people peaceably to assemble, t.inti to petition the government lor a redress or grievances. ACLU AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION of TEXAS More than 14,000 card-carrying members in Texas proudly defending the freedom of The Texas Observer to print whatever the hell it wants. Join. Donate. Volunteer.* BECAUSE FREEDOM CAN’ r PROTECT ITSELF 56 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 12/3/04