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Our mutual funds are for people like you who want to invest in their future .., and make a difference. Domini Social Equity Fund offers growth opportunities through a portfolio of stocks selected for their social and environmental performance. Domini Social Bond Fund provides diversification while supporting homeowners and small business owners in struggling communities. Domini Money Market Account offers safety and liquidity through FDIC-insured deposits that help promote community development, Please obtain a current prospectus for more complete information including risks, fees, and expenses, by calling 1-800-530-5321 or online at . B Part s of the. olution Tussle, continued from page 9 and the planet be damned. “In our view, current [sic]renewable technologies do not offer near-term promise for profitable investment relative to attractive opportunities that we see in our core business. Therefore, we have chosen not to pursue investments in renewable energy options,” reads a 2004 ExxonMobil report. Exxon has long been an industry leader in the promotion of pseudoscience on climate, Greenpeace charges. The group notes that in 1997, BP left an industry-sponsored front group called whose efforts had helped to muddy the debate on global warming. By the end of 2000, Ford, Texaco, and General Motors had pulled out of the group. ExxonMobil didn’t leave the GCC until two years later. By the time it departed, ExxonMobil had helped drive a stake into the Kyoto Protocol, the global treaty that mandated greenhouse gas reductions by 2012. In March 2001, Bush withdrew from the Kyoto treaty signed by the Clinton administration. The U.S. is responsible for as much as 25 percent of greenhouse gases, according to government scientists. The government’s refusal to participate in the treaty leaves a gaping hole in the planetary response to global warming. While it’s unclear exactly what dollar amount the Bush administration’s actionsfrom the Kyoto withdrawal to weakened emissions regulations to the promise of new access to oil fields in Iraqwill add to ExxonMobil’s bottom line, it is safe to say the sum will dwarf the $1.2 million in donations the company gave the GOP in the 2000 election cycle. In an administration dominated by Big Oil, the company and the White House sing from the same hymnal. One Greenpeace report notes that immediately after the U.S. ended its participation in the Kyoto treaty, ExxonMobil took out advertisements describing the accord as “fundamentally flawed” and “fatally politicized.” Two months later, Bush publicly blasted the Kyoto treaty as “fatally flawed in fundamental waysf 1 t’s the magic of the Internet that anyone with a computer with access to the World Wide Web can view at least part of the Great ExxonMobil Tiger Tussle. Hosted on the GreenpeaceUSA website \(http:// is a video with about 10 seconds of remarkable footage from within the lobby on that May day in Irving. ExxonMobil security cameras also caught the ensuing events and a two-page affidavit by Jim Yoakumthe elderly security guard who scuffled with the tigerrounds out the picture of what occurred. Once the tigers got into the ExxonMobil foyer they started running through the headquarters, jumping, making whooping noises, and prancing as guards tried in vain to usher them out. Yoakum hurried to the rescue of a female supervisor, Mary Metz, whom he believed was struggling with a solitary and uncooperative tiger near the exit. “I went to assist Ms. Metz and attempted to escort this individual from the premises,” testified Yoakum. “This individual resisted and struggled with me and caused bruising, cuts, and bleeding to my left hand.” The alleged injuries to a senior citizen, occurring as they did during an alleged criminal conspiracy, could in the hands of an exceptionally creative prosecutor bring about a charge of felony riot against Greenpeace Lawyers for the activist organizationbelieve ExxonMobil is presently trying to get Dallas County DA Bill Hill to press such serious charges against the group. In the video, Yoakum, a heavyset man, is seen with his arms around the neck of a costumed activist, whose tail flaps as he is bounced about by the stocky security guard. The tiger appears to be trying to keep a non-confrontational posture, with his arms down. “The guard has him by the throat and the tiger is not touching him,” observes Robert Renneker, who is representing Greenpeace in the civil case that came out of that day. “How can there be assault, at least by the tiger?” It’s almost a year since the Irving incident and still Dallas DA Hill has yet to formalize his charges. “Normally these cases are handled as misdemeanor criminal trespasses,” says Christy Williams, a Dallas lawyer who is representing GreenpeaceUSA in the criminal matter. “There isn’t any extra looking at it. It just goes through the process like any other normal case.” But when it comes to Greenpeace, criminal prosecutions as of late are far Domini -1\\ SOCIAL INVESTMENTS’ The Way You Invest Matters’ Visit wwwdominLcom or Call us at 1-800-530-5321 The Domini Social Equity Fund and the Domini Social Bond Fund are subject to market risks and are not Insured. You may lose money. The Domini Social Bond Fund’s community development Investments may he iterated and carry greater credit risks than the Funds other investments. The Domini Social Bond Fund currently holds a large percentage of Its portfolio In mortgage-backed securities. During periods of falling Merest rates these securities may prepay the principal due, which may lower the Fundt return by causing It In reinvest at lower interest rates. USK Investment Services LLC, Distributor \(OSHA. 10/03 4/23/04 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17 AM,