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2 3 12 14 15 16 21 Schmoozed We schrnoozed, we raised money, and we had a rousing good time Thanks to all of you, our loyal readers and supporters, and to the musicians, businesses and volunteers who helped make the Observer’s third annual Rabble Rouser Roundup and Fat Cat Sclunoozefest such a great success. We would specially like to thank: Molly loins Jim Hightower Jim Franklin Lori Hansel Julia Austin Davis McLary THE MUSICIANS Joe Lily, David Grissom, Lloyd Maines, Jimmy Pettit, Davis McLary, Charles Ray &Jimmy Gunn Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Colin Gilmore & Mark Hallman Pod Terri Hendrix, Glen Fukunaga & Paul Peary Grupo Fantasma: Adrian Quesada, Johnny Lopez III, Jeremy Bruch, Joseph Serrato, Greg Gonzalez, Beto Martinez, Jose Galeano, David Lobel, Brian Ramos, Gilbert Elorreaga, Rudy Canales Sc Leo Gauna Direct Events La Zona Rosa Buds Design Kitchen Kelly’ Graphics Blue Dog Printing Sweetish Hill Bakeiy Motorblade e Austin Chronicle KGSR KUT Austin AmericanStatesman Third Coast Activist OUR DEDICATED AND TIRELESS VOLUNTEERS Lauri Apple Jessica Chapman Gina Chavez Emily DePrang Laurie Felker Ellen Forman Jeanne Goka Josh Green Emily Little Leslie McCulloch Carol Mocggemba Nate Norton Karen Poff Kris Poff And the Texas Democrag Foundation Board THANK YOU ALL FOR BELIEVING IN AND SUSTAINING The Texas Observer! Suq Reid Jessica Shelton Rebecca Shelton Randa Stringer Bruce Volbeda Carl Webb JANUARY 30, 2004 Texas Observer POLITICOS CONFLICTIVOS 4 Lawsuits, kickbacks, and the Boogie Man mire Corpus Christi Democrats by Dave Mann ONLY CITIZENS NEED APPLY 8 The Texas Apartment Association gets tough on immigrants by Renee Willette DENNIS TAKES THE LIVE MUSIC CAPITAL 10 What’s so funny ’bout Peace, Love and Dennis Kucinich? by Jake Bernstein DEPARTMENTS DIALOGUE INSIDE THE BOX Are the “underlying problems” in public education here in Texas “more metaphysical” than individual issues? \(“Raging Against Academe,” January I have a suggestion: Let’s attack the overlying problems first. Why? Because obvious problems have obvious solutions. H.I.S.D. enrollment is reportedly bloated by illegal immigration, with all the attendant literacy and language barriers. Are we being forced to educate the citizens of another country? Suggestion #1: require adequate documentation for public school enrollment. Suggestion #2 is to end the emascula tion of teachers by paying them a salary as befits a professional, and restoring the authority of the teacher to discipline students. This will allow qualified, selfrespecting professionals to return to the classroom. Suggestion #3 is to end both standardized tests and social promotion, relying on the teacher to determine standards for promotion. This will allow students to return to learning their subjects instead of learning tests. Standardized tests and “vouchers” are devices of politicians for political gain, and both are highly destructive of the ends of public education. Neither should be tolerated. If I appear to the right of Karl Rove on this, it is because I continued on page 17 FEATURES DIALOGUE EDITORIAL Back to the Future POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE MOLLY IVINS Stick It To Principle JIM HIGHTOWER Bush Rewrites The Founders JAMES K. GALBRAITH The No-Jobs President BOOKS Fr THE CULTURE POETRY by Robert Phillips FILM REVIEWS Home and Away by Roxanne Bogucka HORSE DREAMS by Jim Hoggard BLAME IT ON WORDSWORTH by Steven G. Kellman AFTERWORD Remembering a Personal Hero by Larry L. King Cover by Danny Garrett 22 24 26 30 2 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 1/30/04