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E Ittn,.Y.P2 oest-sv G I B $ 0N [Good Reading for the New Year] STEPHEN HARRIGAN The Gates of the Alamo by Stephen Harrigan Penguin A huge, riveting, deeply imagined novel about the siege and fall of the Alamo in 1836-an event that formed the consciousness of Texas and that resonates through American history, The Gates of the Alamo follows the lives of three people whose fates become bound to the now-fabled Texas fort. THE GATES OF THE ALAMO Pattern Recognition by William Gibson Berkley Paid to predict the hottest trends, Cayce Pollard is in London when she’s offered an assignment: find the creator of the obscure, enigmatic video clips being uploaded to the Internetfootage that is generating massive underground buzz worldwide. Still haunted by the memory of her missing father who disappeared in downtown Manhattan on September 11, Cayce is soon traveling through parallel universes of marketing, globalization, and terror, heading always for the still point where the three converge. Available 2/3. Lone Star Living by Tyler Beard Bulfinch “Texas Style,” is now reflective of America itself. Rugged individualism, high quality, large living, and impeccable taste are values that Texans share with all Americans. Tyler Beard, who is known as the “King of Texas Style” and whose own ranch has been featured in dozens of books and magazines, introduces us, in a way that only an aficionado could, to homes that are incredibly appealing in beauty, architecture, and pure Texan spirit. O 1,L L A Community Bound By Books. Bookstore Giftshop Coffeehouse 9 am 11 pm everyday 603 N. Lamar 472-5050 shop online at: 20 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 1/16/04 And then there is the interesting game being played out in our politics. The Bush camp, and those Democratic candidates, are bashing Howard Dean as “another McGovern, so easy to beat.” Then I thought of Karl Rove, something that really perks one up, and figured the Repubs might just be spinning Dean as a no-brainer loser in the McGovern ilk, because they don’t relish having Howard biting the ankles of Bush in the campaign. Certainly Gephardt, Kerry and Lieberman are not pit bulls…Dean is. McGovern was sorta passive like the other three. Just a thought, but Rove is the master of turning things on its head…like the charge in South Carolina in the last election that John McCain and wife had a black baby. \(Wonder if Strom above the waist in Rove’s world. William A. Mercer Richardson, TX IT’S MY STATE, YOU JUST CONSPIRE IN IT For Matthew Saroffwho wants to know what a Texan isyou’ll know one when you see one. I’m not even sure about Molly Ivins. I think she went to school at some college on the East Coast. All my kinfolks went to Sam Houston State Teachers College. That is, the educated ones. The others didn’t need to. As for Elroy Bodewhy has Mr. McClellan’s book sunk into oblivion? I lived in DC during the assassination, moved to Corpus Christi in 64, and moved to San Antonio in 79, and I can tell you, Mr. Barr’s book aroused a strong feeling of hearing the gospel truth in me. My husband, and practically everyone I knew worked for oil companies. The Parrs still ruled in Duval County. If you want to know about the silence surrounding this book, ask yourself why are we in Iraq, Venezuela, and God only knows where else in these private wars run by Brown & Root, Haliburton, etc? Who talked Bush into running in the first place and where did all the money come from? I am totally surprised he found a publisher at all. Betty Cue Via Internet LBJ OFFS JFK REDUX My reaction to Elroy Bode’s screed about the lack of media interest in the book concluding that LBJ “beware the man who says ‘I think not’.” Wallace Lindell Boerne, TX