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tiltlittaMTOrii mammas kiWERICIN’ Pe iit.0118 1011.11110011 BIG BEND PICTURES BY JAMES H. EVANS FOREWORD BY ROBERT DRAPER “The landscapes Evans captures are not simply blase, wide-angle homages to the hallowed frontier: they reveal Big Bend’s quirks and bemused attitudes, suggesting the hitherto blasphemousnamely, that the American West can have a sense of humor, and at times be downright weird. Above all, Evans is exposing beauty from its proper angles.” Robert Draper Bill and Alice Wright Photography Series 102 duotoneh t p_o_os, $39.95 cloth HORTON FOOTE A LITERARY BIOGRAPHY BY CHARLES S. WATSON “[This book] is highly accessible and fascinating, a real page-turner. . . Without becoming at all simplistic, it explains an important artist in a believable, concrete, and usable way, one that will delight non-specialists but also deeply instruct specialists.” John Herbert Roper, author of C. Vann Woodward: A Southern Historian and His Critics Jack and Doris Smothers Series in Texas History Life, and Culture $29.95 cloth FELIX LONGORIA’S WAKE BEREAVEMENT, RACISM, AND THE RISE OF MEXICAN AMERICAN ACTIVISM BY PATRICK J. CARROLL FOREWORD BY JOSE E. LimoN “Carroll provides abundant evidence of the importance of the Longoria incident for Mexican Americans, for a rising Lyndon Johnson, for Texas politics, and, indirectly, for U.S. society. His insights . . . have the potential of appealing to both historians and general readers, particularly those interested in Mexican American and/or Texas history.” Julie Leininger Pycior, author of Lyndon Johnson and Mexican Americans: The Paradox of Power Center for Mexican American Studies History, Culture, and Society Series $19.95 paper, $45.00 cloth CONSTRUCTING IDENTITIES IN MEXICAN AMERICAN POLITICAL ORGANIZATIONS CHOOSING ISSUES, TAKING SIDES BY BENJAMIN MARQUEZ “Mdrquez has produced a valuable study of political diversity among Mexican American interest groups. His work exposes the fault of equating Mexican Americanand by extension, I think, any otherethnicity with any specific, much less a uniquely radical, political ideology.” Sidney Plotkin, Professor of Political Science, Vassar College $19.95 paper, $40.00 cloth THE NATIVE AMERICANS OF THE TEXAS EDWARDS PLATEAU, 1582-1799 BY MARIA F. WADE FOREWORD BY THOMAS R. HESTER MAPS BY DON E. WADE “This is truly an exceptional work. . . . It makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the Native people of Texas by introducing new information from previously unused sources and fresh English translations of known documents.” William C. Foster, author of Spanish Expeditions into Texas, 1689-1768 Texas Archaeology and Ethnohistory Series Thomas R. Hester, Editor $39.95 cloth Now in paperback KIOWA, APACHE, AND COMANCHE MILITARY SOCIETIES ENDURING VETERANS, 1800 TO THE PRESENT By William C. Meadows $34.95 paper Browse our complete Texana catalog online at subjects/tex.html eile UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESS 8 0 02 5 2 3 2 0 6 WWW.UTEXAS.EDU/UTPRESS 10/24/03 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 7