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“not Minnie Fisher Cunningham A Suffragist’s Life in Politics MI.NN.JE FISHER CUNNINGHAM JUDITH N. MCARTHUR and HAROLD L. SMITH “‘Minnie Fish’ was one of the most effective and charm, ing women Texas ever produced and her work and wit ; have continued to inspire, console and empower successive generations of Texas women. Minnie Fish started by getting Texas women the right to votenot bad for openers and good enough to get her into the history books. But it was what came after that makes her a role model today. Professors McArthur and Smith do a lovely job of placing ‘Minnie Fish’ in the tradition of left-feminism, without underestimating the difficulties of attacking racism directly in ’30s, ’40s and ’50s in Texas politics. She was one of the best political organizers Texas ever knew and had the most singular gift for inspiring others Eleanor Roosevelt among them. So strong was her influence that not only those who did know her, but even those of us who never knew her, feel her influence even now.” Molly Nino October 2003 296 pp.; 15 halftones $38.00 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Prices are subject to change and apply only in the US. To order, or for more information, please call 1-800-451-7556. In Canada, call 1-800-387-8020. Visit our website at tn In 5. Ellit191 , ft }j,, Y_: , i Sta’t: Sulu Naga Enjoy our organic, in house roasted coffee. Watch the kids play as you catch up with a friend. Listen to local musicians and relax with a beer or wine. Come see our new space. 3601 S. Congress off E. Alpine Penn Field under the water tower check our site for monthly calendar International Headquarters it P.O.Box 2116 Austin, Texas 78768-2116 Radio D. La Comunidad Visit Us On The Web Community Radio seen in the library many times freeloading on our computers and playing in a string band around Las Cruces. \(I love asking if there was anywhere else he and his girlfriend might find some live music. We steered him toward the norteno bars of Anthony, New Mexico, with a warning that they could get a bit rough, especially for someone with his guero good looks. He swore he’d be fine as he’d spent many hours as the only white man in the zydeco bars of the Gret Stet of Lou-si-ana. I told him that was different, that I was from the Gret Stet myself and so I knew what I was talking about. Ends up he’s from Morgan City, Lousiana, the doomed little town at what will be the new mouth of the Rio Mississippi soon after the next big one wipes out what’s left of Army Corps’ earthworks in the Atchafalaya Basin near my home town. I told him I was from Maringouinanother exit, situated right at the eastern edge of the Atchafalaya swamp where that long, elevated stretch of road finally hits dry land again. He not only knew where Maringouin was, he also knew that it means mosquito. We are most likely cousins. Oh, well, Steve and I sat in my truck after the bar closed. We watched a weary trucker scratch his belly as he wandered back to his sleeping cab. Dust swirled in the orange air over the Flying J as the wind picked up and we listened to some more good tunes. And we imagined a meeting in some afterlife where Mr. Cash gets to meet Mr. Beethoven. And what a conversation that would be. After all, they both had a way of transcending what everyone else was doing at the time. And they both changed music for all who came after them. It would make a good play, don’t you think? If you can just wade through the teardrops… I walk and cry while my heartbeat Keeps time with the drag of my shoes The sun never shines through this window of mine It’s dark at the Home of the Blues So if you’ve just lost your sweetheart And it seems there’s no good way to choose Come along with me, mis’ry loves company You’re welcome at the Home of the Blues Just around the corner there’s heartache Down the street that losers use If you can wade in through the teardrops You’ll find me at the Home of the Blues Home of the Blues, by John R. Cash, Lillie C. McAlpin, Douglas Glenn Tubb, 1957. BMI Work #579881 Molly Molloy is a reference librarian at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and lives less than a mile from another I-10 exit. And yes, Texas songwriter Steve Earle recorded a 1987 album “Exit 0,” but as far as Molly knows, it is not about the Anthony Exit 0 and he is NOT her old boyfriend. 10110/03 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 31