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PAID ADVERTISEMENT How George Bush, his Congress and Pentagon Are LOOTING Our Cities, ROBBING Our People & STEALING From Our Children By Seymour Melman* The strong perhaps savage accusation in the title of this short paper is in response to the post 9-11 marshalling of resources for enlarging the war powers of the U,S. government. All this is in support of a worldwide drive for profit and power, without limit, by the Bush–Cheney state capitalist directorate. A principal “cover story” for these processes is the Guns and Butterdogma: the U.S, can afford both without limit. See for yourself in the following data. TAKEN FROM OUR LIVES FOR THEIR WARS Army Comanche Helicopter program $48.1 BN Cost of building housing fir the 600,000 = . y = & Navy Joint Standoff Weapon program $1L2 homeless families in the U.S. / BN Investment needed to provide 20% of U,S. Navy SSA; 774 Virginia Class Submarine electricity supply from renewable &. clean = $80 billion program $7113N & Navy Advanced Amphibious sources Assault Vehicle program $8,713N Annual shortitll to meet fkleral sat drinking water standards and replace aging facilities 4 = $11 billion = Total cost of the Navy’s “Future Suttee Combatant Additional annual investment needed to improve the condition of U.S. roads and = $42 billion = bridges Navy Trident Sub program $35 I3N & A 1111 y Interim Assault Vehicle program $7 BN ,:s to’ More than twice the net value of the plant and equipment in America’s manufacturing, industries” 6 = $5.3 trillion = Costs of creating U.S. Nuclear Weapon Overkill Capacity, 19 ,10,-96 Rehabilitation of all unsafe U.S, darns 8 = $2 billion = Tactical Tomahawk Cruise Missile ismo ? railroad 9 $210 = Annual cost to provide sanitary water to the = $10 billion = 2 Navy CVN6 -1.3 Aircraft Carriers .’ 2.4 billion people worldwide {‘ $99 billion = F-22 Raptor Advanced 1″ighter program. Train Lines, running at 266 miles per hour 11 [$228 Million plane] 2 Research program to develop l ero emissions, coal gasification power plants = $1.1 billion Amphibious Assault. Ship prouain Electrification of 50 miles of main-line = 18 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 5/23/03