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CONSUL1TNG AGIIEDUNT The deal was signed by Enron exec Joe Sutton, a hard-charging former military man. In early 1999, Sutton, and Enron, were seen as heroes of global capitalism. Sutton left Enron in late 2000, but not before selling $42.2 million in Enron stock. 1. gpogeuest. Subject to the terms end eotedi ioxas hereinafter set forth, Enron hereby engages KAT, and KAI hereby agrece: China \(the “China China Ptojects, including travel by KAI personnel, access by telephone or in installmeMs he advance, the first such installment to be made on the date Chinn e e are achieved: MENOM6a,,,ALesmne2EBERMIEMENOMM Kissinger Associates, Inc., is the international lobby firm headed by 1973 Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger. The eminent statesman has fostered peace by encouraging the US to bomb Cambodia, letting Indonesia invade East Timor, and by helping the gold thugs at FreeportMcMoRan stuff wads of cash into the pockets of Indonesian dictator, Suharto. Kissinger went to China with Enron boss Ken Lay twice. Kissinger’s job: “to open doors” for Enron, which wanted to build a $4 billion pipeline across China. The pipeline was never built. None of these production bonuses were ever paid. Had Enron’s Chinese gas production reached 300 million cubic feet per day, Kissinger would have had a windfall of $6 million. the -Kissinger Associates, Ino a Delaware corporation The parties hereby agree as follows: Corn SIt;.f,. I= As compensation for the services to be provided by KM Enron shall pay, or cause to be paid, to KM the following compenstion: 1.Sustain production of 25,000,000 cubic feet per day US$250,000 averaged over a 90 day period. 2.Sustain production of 50,000,000 cubic feet per kr US$250,000 averaged over a 90 day period. 3, Sustain production of 75,000,000 cubic feet per day US$250,000 averaged over a 90 day period. 4.Sustain production of 100,000,000 cubic ftet per day LiS$250,000 averaged over a 90 day period. 5.Sustain production of 150,000,000 cubic feet per day US$1,000,000 averaged over a 90 day period.. 6.Sustain produetion of 200,000,000 cubic feet per daY US$1,000,000 averaged over a 90 day period. 7 Sustain production of 250,000,000 cubic feet per day US$ 1,000,000 averaged over a 90 day period. 8 Sustain production of 300,000,000 cubic feet per day US$1,000,000 averaged over a 90 day period, 9, For each 100,000,000 cubic feet per day sustained US$1,000,000 production averaged over a 90 day period above the base deify production of 300,000,0010 cubic feet per day. The $500,000 fee is one of many retainers Kissinger has had in recent years. His other clients have included Coca Cola, American Express, Arco, Daewoo, H.J. Heinz, Revlon, Fiat, Union Carbide, and many others. 16 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 5/23/03