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N Community Radio For A Outturatie Diverse P.O.Box 2116 Austin, Texas 7876&-2116 Visit Us On The Web Radio Do La Comunidad FROM DEEP IN THE HEART OF BUSH COUNTRY NO WAR ON IRAQ! AUSTIN RALLY & MARCH In solidarity with statewide events Saturday, March 15 at 1:00 p.m. Meet at the State Capitol, march to Auditorium Shores Featured Guests Walter Hinojosa Texas AFL-CIO Nelson Linder NAACP WAVY GRAVY! “The last, best hippie.” Image Sponsored by: Austin Against War AAW’s standing call: If a full-fledged war starts against Iraq, protest in front of the Capitol at 4:30 p.m. followed by a march to the Congress Ave. bridge. Dialogue, continued from page 2 as a slave laborer. The father of my neighbor across the road fought for FOUR YEARS in the trenches of WWI. When the Germans invaded France in WWII he immediately went north to fight. He was pushed back to Dunkirk and evacuated to England. The British put him on a boat for Normandy. He stole a bicycle and rode it to the south of France where he carried on in the Resistance. A family in my small village of 50 people hid a Jewish boy throughout WWII, an incredibly dangerous act because our area was crawling with SS troops. Four non-Jewish families from this same village lost four sons to slave labor in Germany. Fifteen percent of the population of a town 20 kilometers down the road were machine gunned by the Nazis.The list goes on and on. I love the French. They believe in education, health care, and a diverse political system. Lizbeth Pratt San Francisco, CA I just finished reading your article about the French and want to send you a big thank you. My mother is from France, a war-bride, and has been an American citizen for more than 50 years. She has been a patriotic American, voted in every election, and brought up her children to be concerned and aware citizens. I can’t even describe to you the hurt she feels when she hears disgusting jokes and tasteless remarks concerning not only the country, but the people of France. Because of the insane paranoia going on in this country now, she is afraid to open her mouth in public because people will hear her accent. She has received harassing phone calls as well. Can you imagine? Picking on an 83-year-old woman because she happens to come from a country that has the audacity to disagree with the almighty America. I am sending her a copy of your article, with a note telling her to keep her chin up and be proud, although I know she does this anyway. The French are a proud people with a long history, and I am so thankful that at least one person has the courage to tell it like it is. Viviane Hartz Loveland, OH REMEMBERING MAURY No one could have written a more fitting memorial to our friend Maury Maverick, Jr. than Ronnie Dugger, who is a Their hearts beat in time with all who, like Chaucer’s knight, loved truth, honor, freedom, and courtesy. A few years ago I wrote Maury a letter thanking him for a fine column he had written describing how his father, back in the summer of 1939, had allowed a radical, perhaps a Communist agitator, to speak in one of San Antonio’s public halls. I wrote that I recalled the summer vividly. I was a 12year-old boy from Beaumont visiting my Aunt Kate, and was impressed how the elder Maverick had stood for the rights of free speech and assembly, right there in San Antonio, while hundreds of voices were raised against him. I got a reply from Maury thanking me. It was writ large in a black felt tipped pen, almost as if he were shouting the thanks. Five years later, as a freshman at U.T. I heard the same fervent sentiments from another maverick, the small “m” variety. Dr J. Gilbert McAllister, also a native of San Antonio. They were all gadflies and protectors of democracy. Joe Drake Gilliland Bisbee, Arizona 311.40. TEEXAS..06SERVER.. 21_