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Community Radio Prograntiokipts DtVerstto fror A Cuittkrttao TAVerst Ckj P.O.Box 2116 Austin, Texas 78768-2116 Visit Us On The Web Radio De Lit Comunidad Dialogue, continued from page 2 Given Ibrahim’s serious health problems, this could very well be a death sentence unless he is soon released. His conviction this summer-along with several staff members from the Ibn Khaldun Center for Developmental Studies in Cairoprovoked sharp criticism worldwide-from, among others, the publisher of the Cairo Times magazine, the Washington Post, The Economist, the American Sociological Association, and Amnesty International. However, Jim is mistaken in saying the Bush administration did nothing but say it was “deeply disappointed.” On the contrary, Bush did what some in this country who were following the caseincluding mehad wanted him to do. He told Mubarak that because of Ibrahim’s imprisonment, he would block any increase in U.S. foreign aid to Egypt. President Bush’s public statement unfortunately had the opposite effect of that intended. It enraged many ordinary Egyptians who, until then, had taken Ibrahim’s side. In the words of the Wall Street Journal, “The U.S. move had stirred up longstanding resentments of Western influences, from colonial rule under Britain to Washington’s support of Israel and perceived indifference to Palestinian suffering.” Bush’s action made Ibrahim’s situation more difficult. All the more reason, then, for people who share Jim’s concern for Ibrahim’s fate to write Mubarak, as well as U.S. Representatives and Senators whose committees have some influence on Egypt. I urge your readers to visit the Ibrahim website for details on whom to write at: Chandler Davidson Professor of Sociology Rice University, Houston MASTER OR PUPPET? Especially for Molly Ivins: I heard your commentary on NPR, Morning Edition, October 15. Laugh, laugh, Laugh, and Amen, amen.You hit the nail on the head. How can educated people still support George W? It is so obvious…he is a puppet. Thank you. Ann Lawson Oklahoma City, OK FROM FLORIDA, WITH LOVE God Bless you for your wisdom and wit. But pleasewhat can we do? The Democrats seem to be lost in space. I have almost completely lost hope of this country and the world making it through the next two years with Dumbya in the White House. I called my Senators…What else can we do? At this point, I can see Democratic voters just staying home. No CORRECTION n our last issue’s cover story, “Lamar’s Alien Agenda,” we I included a map of Congressional District 21 that contained several errors. We apologize, especially to the good folks of Kendall County, whose district did not appear in the map. Political Intelligence, continued from page 13 are real, but union officials are having trouble squaring them with the company’s reported profits for last year. And consumer advocates are having trouble swallowing SBC’s line as well. “SBC has always blamed everything they don’t like on regulation,” said Janee Briesemeister of Consumer’s Union. The layoffs are no surprise, Briesemeister said, because the entire industry has been in decline since the economy went sour half a million telecommunications jobs were cut nationwide in recent years. Briesemeister chalked the ad barrage up to the coming Texas legislative session, which will start in January. SBC will be pushing legislation to make it harder for competitors to use their lines; the onslaught of ads and rallies is common practice for the company when it wants to build support in advance of a legislative push. One person who doesn’t need to be convinced is San Antonio Senator Leticia Van de Putte. Speaking at the October 16 rally \(along with the mayor she is occasionally referred to as the Senator from Southwestern Bell. “They [the anti-SBC ads] make me angry, and don’t make mama mad;’ the Express News quoted her as saying. “Who builds the trenches’ ,’ she went on. “Who maintains the lines?” Yes, and who’s been watching too much TV? one speaks of the influence the Hatefril Men \(mostly white lie to the American public and mislead them. They are a major reason that the Bush drum beat has been positively received by so many Americans. There is no balance in or challenge to the electronic media. I listen to them while I drivewhen I can stand itand you would not believe the lies they tell. Please help. Thanks. Han n ah J. S. Valley Via e-mail P.S. I must take issue with your description of Texas as the “strangest” state in the country.That honor belongs to Florida where I reside. 28 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 11/8//02