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Los Pobres de la Tierra PHOTOGRAPHS AND TEXT BY ALAN POGUE 30-Year Retrospective Exhibit The Old School, 1604 East 1 1 th St., Austin Artist Talk, October 3, 7 PM Exhibit runs through November 6 Right: Mrs. Banahar was on her way across a field, in Afghanistan, to visit her daughter when she stepped on a landmine. The U.S., Russia, and various Afghan factions have placed more than eight million landmines in Afghanistan. The U.S. refuses to sign the international ban on landmines. Below right: Cesar Gordado was walking home in Guarjila, El Salvador when he stepped on a landmine. Esteban Barahona, who directs the prosthetic clinic for ex-FMLN soldiers, fits Cesar for a new lower leg. Below left: This man carried tree limbs down the dirt road for miles. There is little rural electrification in El Salvador and these limbs will probably be used as fuel for cooking. The hills behind him were once covered with trees. PHOTO ESSAY 28 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 9/27/02