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NO to BUSH’S WAR on IRAQ MARCH AND RALLY OCTOBER 5, 2002 AUSTIN, TEXAS 2:00 PM Gather for March at Republic Park \(5 111 3:00 PM Rally with speakers and music at the Federal Building \(9 th Speakers include: ANTHONY ARNOVE, editor of Iraq Under Siege: The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War RAHUL MAHA1AN, Green Party candidate for Texas Governor and author of The New Crusade: America’s War on Terrorism ALAN POGUE, documentary photographer and member of Veterans for Peace all the nitrogen through the root systems and prevent its downward migration toward the Water Table is laughable at best! Even if the vegetation achieved the claim, the nitrogen would still remain as the vegetation died and decomposed. When the prairie dogs are gone, the nitrogen will still be in the soil, migrating down to the water table every time water is applied from above…doubly so if nitrogen laden waste water is used. The City of Burbank \(half the size of Water to near drinking quality for over 30 years! The technology and economics are here, Lubbock just hasn’t emerged from the dark ages in problem solving and taking responsibility Burbank WasteWater is sold \(at a profdrinking. Irrigation of public lands, construction and Cooling Tower applications are but a few of the uses. With additional treatment, Burbank Power & Light even uses it as ultra-pure water to cool its new electricity producing turbines. Lubbock Power & Light could use reclaimed water, not to mention Texas Tech’s Central Plant. Think of the water savings for a semi-arid area. Proper and complete treatment of wastewater has been economically viable and environmentally desirable for at least the last 30 years! Wake-up, Citizens of Lubbock: Hold your public officials responsible for their actions…and inactions. Lubbock will not achieve national respect or positive recognition as long as it remains in the Dark Ages. How about using some of that engineering brainpower at Texas Tech to solve some local problems? Lubbock should be nationally recognized for more than just the home of Buddy Holly. George Gant Consulting Engineer Water Management Toluca Lake, CA PS. The reference to nitrogen /7 is intended as a catch all for the compounds of nitrogen found in the wastewater, not nitrogen gas. Billie Carr, continued from page 11 cussed you out if she cared. If she thought you were hopeless, she never would’ve called. Billie Carr had known Bill Clinton since he was a baby alligator, come to Texas in ’72 to run McGovern’s campaign. She later worked her tail off for him. A main thing about Billie was, she didn’t just work herself, she made everybody else work their asses off too. When President Clinton got himself into that Monica Lewinsky mess, Billie was pissed off at him as only a woman of a certain age can be about men and their stupidity. She defended him against the Republicans, but she was steamed. Clinton made the mistake of inviting her to the White House in the middle of that deal. Here it is, a big reception line, everyone duded up, all these important folks around, and Billie came though that line, looked the President of the United States in the eye and said, low and hard, “You dumb son of a bitch.” Which is, of course, what every Democrat in America wanted to say to Bill Clinton at the time. Such a tragedy there was no one there to write down the rest of the ass-chewing, but we do know that Clinton started laughing, and said, “Billie, I knew you were gonna do that.” Which proves he wasn’t all dumb. I love Texas, but it is a nasty old rawhide mother in the way it bears down on the people who have the fewest defenses. Not many can claim a better record for justice and freedom: She was there for the workers and the unions, she was there for the African-Americans, she was there for the Hispanics, she was there for the women, she was there for the gays. And this wasn’t all high-minded, oh, we-should-all-be-kinder-toone-another. This was tough, down, gritty, political trench warfare; money against people. She bulled her way to the table of power, and then she used that place to get everybody else there too. If you ain’t ready to sweat, and you ain’t smart enough to deal, you can’t play in her league. Reckon Billie’s somewhere up in heaven, in an old-fashioned Texas icehouse, with the ceilin’ fans goin’ and the beer and soda pop in those long ol’ bins full of icewater. All her family’s with her, and Mrs. Randolph, Millie Bruner, Bob Eckhardt, and Ralph Yarboroughand they’ve all got Bob Bullock cornered at last. 9/27/02 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 19