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The Democrats New Plans IBUNE MEDIA SERVICE /.I 1 1.1 I 11 I ‘ 1 1 1 11 1 la I II 1, WHEW… I’M TIRED ALREADY… WE BETTER HAVE ANOTHER ROUND… YOU KNOW… JUST TO KEEP OUR STRENGTH UP… P1, continued from page 15 ONCE AGAIN As the Observer goes to press, the Harris County Grand Jury has asked for a third day of testimony on the Luis Torres case. The jurors had heard evidence from police, medical workers, and the Torres family. Presumably they had also watched the police video that over a span of a few minutes vividly depicts Baytown police officers killing Torres. \(See, “Are You Experienced?”, ceedings are secret, the full scope of the testimony is unclear. What jurors did not hear is the Harris County District Attorney’s Office ask for an indictment against the officers. Assistant District Attorney Vic Wisner is already on record saying he would not give the jury any direction. During an April 23 LULAC-sponsored conference in Houston devoted to the case, panelists charged the Harris County DA with maintaining an unwritten policy never to seek indictments against police officers for in-custody deaths. “We have reason to believe that the Harris County District Attorney’s Office historically has never recommended charges against police officers:’ says Torres family attorney Michael Solar. “We know that the district attorney’s office can indict and convict children, try them as adults, and sentence them to death. We know that mentally ill people can be indicted, tried, and convicted; and the district attorney’s office will ask for death in that instance. But we have never seen that happen in the case of a police officer being cited for causing serious harm or death to a Mexican national such as Mr. Toffee The grand jurors are not the only ones scrutinizing the Torres case. In recent weeks several Spanish-language media outlets have devoted space to the killing. Mexico’s La Jornada began their story, “Once again a Mexican family searching for the ‘American dream’ north of the Rio Grande found a nightmare instead.” U.S.-based and La Opinion also gave the story lengthy treatments. According to Solar, the governor of Torres’ home state of Michoacan has taken an interest in the case, as has the Mexican consulate in Houston. U.S Attorney for the Southern District of Texas Michael Shelby, informed the consulate that a lawyer from the civil rights division would monitor the case. The FBI also is conducting an investigation. If the Grand Jury refuses to charge the officers, the Justice Department could get involved. More importantly, Hispanic activists vow to remember Torres when it comes time for the reelection of Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal.