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From Washington to Austin .. . ACTIVISTS WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE R a 1ph W. Yarborough THE PEO ‘S SENATOR By Patrick Cox Forcword by Set 1,1.1 –Edward NE Kcni Rapoport CAPITALI11-.; a Gmsocatc\( BY BERNARD RAPOPORT N ‘ INTRODUCTION BY BILL MOYERS RALPH W. YARBOROUGH, THE PEOPLE’S SENATOR By Patrick Cox FOREWORD BY SENATOR EDWARD M. KENNEDY A champion of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs in the areas of education, environmental preservation,and health care, Ralph Yarborough fought for “the little people” in a political career that places him among the most influential leaders in Texas history. This biography offers the first indepth look at his life and work. $39.95 cloth BEING RAPOPORT Capitalist with a Conscience BY BERNARD RAPOPORT AS TOLD TO DON CARLETON INTRODUCTION BY BILL MOYERS Bernard Rapoport has lived the American Dream. In this memoir, the founder of the multi-milliondollar American Income Life Insurance Company recalls the hard work and philosophy of giving that made him a successful entrepreneur and supporter of education, social justice, and liberal political causes. $39.95 cloth ONCE UPON A TIME IN TEXAS A Liberal in the Lone Star State BY DAVID RICHARDS This fast-paced, often humorous memoir evokes the “g lory days”of Texas liberalism from the 1950s to the 1990s, when a who’s who of activists and politicians from Ralph Yarborough to Ann Richards won significant gains in civil liberties for the people of Texas. $39.95 cloth These are the inaugural volumes in the Focus on American History Series of the Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin, edited by Don Carleton. Available at local and Internet booksellers 41e UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESS 800-252-3206 WWW.UTEXAS.EDU/UTPRESS li t1:11S Abel al IIIthI’ one Star Slate 10014i.triiwwilogoist i4.00 -00407