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‘M’igiiketOxitIM:CPROWSOntwitaingwsempt q.4 14-74, 4.7111 ‘440.74f.74 ..21. 7fi A, di. They still live in Laramie, dealing with this event, living their lives. As a Laramie native, the play has acted as a touchstone for continuing dialogue with friends and family in my hometown and now in Austinnew “moments” that are in keeping with the Tectonic mission of examining the forces that move and create the world we live in. And this powerful play is not easily forgotten, regardless of where we live or where we’re from. It forces readers and viewers alike to reckon with the fallout from a hate crime; to empathize with community residents with whom we may have little in common; to engage opinions that snag and shift our per-. spective.This is the project of reading or seeing The Laramie Project. And if this play teaches us anything, it is that this is necessary work. Observer intern Emily Rapp Seitz lives in San Marcos and is a fellow at the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas-Austin. We Want MinorityWriters Learn to write for the alternative press Paid summer internship in Chicago Apply now for 2002 The Academy for Alternative Journalism, supported by alternative papers like this one, seeks experienced minority summer writing program at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Chicago. The eight-week program aims to recruit talented minorities into the alternative press and train them in magazine-style feature writing. Participants will be paid $3,000 plus housing and travel allowances. For information visit the Web site at hftp://wwwanedill.northwesternsedu/aaj or write for an application: Academy for Alternative Journalism do Lesa Lee, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University, 105 W Adams Street, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60603. Academyfr Alternative Journalism IF YOU AGREE WITH THE FOLLOWING, cut out and mail this statement to either D. Slusher, R. Alvarez, Austin City Council 124 West 8th Street Austin TX 78701 WHEREAS selling to the developers the City’s former Mueller airport land before it’s redeveloped, if shown later to be a mistake, IS TOO LATE TO CORRECT, and WHEREAS in contrast, leasing preserves the choice whether to lease or sell after we see how leasing works and know the value of the developed land, THEREFORE I support leasing Mueller now as the only prudent step for the City Council to take. Signature Printed name Tel email Address PAID FOR BY KEEP THE LAND 28 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 3/1/02