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. ao Carl’s objections to the Dimick report made perfect sense: Q:… Aside from the fact that your name is misspelled and your age is misstated, is there anything about that that is terribly inaccurate? A: Well, it is inaccurate to say that I am a longtime organizer. You see, after the Socialist Party ceased to put up candidates on the national field, I registered as a Democrat and as an independent Democrat. Sometimes there was no opportunity to vote for Socialist Party candidates. He later elaborated: A: … I don’t think it’s the function of the Department of Public Safety to go around and spy on people and groups, especially with inadequate information, because Mr. Dimick says somebody told him this and somebody told him that. He didn’t say that he saw me or that thisand this other person who is an unknown person. I don’t think that’s the function of the Department of Public Safety. Central casting could not have supplied a more attractive plaintiff than Bob Pomeroy. He testified as to the concerns that caused him to appear before the Dallas City Council. Q: . . . How did you first come to be interested in the subject of the building of nuclear power plants and the potential hazards that might result therefrom, et cetera? A: . . . I became interested in it because I felt that energy was going to become more of a critical issue than it was at that time, that it was inevitable that we were going to have energy problems; and I thought that nuclear power would play a big role in this so I got some documents from the Atomic Energy Commission, pamphlets describing the plants and describing the method of producing electricity through fission. . They have no program as yet to dispose of very large amounts of highly radioactive material. As a matter of fact, the small amounts that they haveI say “they,” the Atomic Energy Commissionin their Hanford plant in Washington they’ve leaked over halfa million gallons of highly radioactive material in the last 20 years; and they have no program for disposing of this material. I don’t believe, and many critics don’t, that they’ve answered the question of low-level radiation and the effect on the population, especially the very old and the very young. The business of transporting these nuclear plants to areas such as Israel and Egypt in spite of what happened in India where India got the material for her nuclear weapon from the Canadian plant, that Canadian nuclear power plant that they had there in India, I think it’s very dangerous and I think it might compromise world peace . . . they have weapons grade material in the core; and this is where India got her plutonium for her atomic bomb from that core of that Canadian power plant. One last thing, I think it’s being proved to be economically not feasible. This testimony, given twenty-five years ago, seems right on the money today, as these concerns continue to dominate. Pomeroy first learned of the surveillance report from his boss: Q: . . How did you first become aware that there had been a report of some sort prepared by the Department of Public Safety or one of its agents on you? A: About the middle of May I was out at Dallas-Fort Worth’s Regional Airport at our operations office. And my boss, Captain McGowan, asked me if I wouldn’t step in his office, he wanted to show me something. And I went in his office and he slid the report across the desk for me to see. The report he was provided did not disclose the author. His reactions were understandable. A: After May 14th, I didn’t know what to think because I felt that somebody obviously thought I was subversive. They said enough about it to give me that impression. I didn’t know who it was and I didn’t know U . I was being watched or that my phone was being tapped. You start hearing noises then. My wife felt that the phone was tapped. We had one incident where there was a car parked on our street and with a person in it. They just sat there for hours adjacent to our house. After Pomeroy went public about the surveillance, he learned that the DPS was the culprit and that agent Dimick had supplied Continental Airlines with a copy of the report. 6 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 311102