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Character of Intelligence Criminal Source: Confidential Informants DD-19 and DD-17 and Investigation O.C. Subversive Other Attention to: Agent in Charge Intelligence Service Report Written by: David A. Dimick #2449 The subject is involved in forming an Anti-Atomic Power Plant project called C.A.S.E. that stands for CITIZENS ASSOCIATION FOR SOUND ENERGY The subject lives at 3108 Brookhaven Club, Farmers Branch, Texas, with his wife . . . and his son . . ., date of birth 4-10-64. The subject is a flyer for Continental Airlines and is based at DallasFort Worth Airport. . . . In 1955 the subject enrolled at Cortland State University, Cortland, New York, where he remained until he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Education in 1959. The subject’s major interests in college were the baseball team, band and a local fraternity. On 617-60 the subject entered the United States Marine Corps .. . and is alleged to have been stationed in Washington D. C. and Pensacola, Florida. In September 1966 the subject resigned his commission in the Marines to go with Continental Airlines. . While in the military the subject used BUD WINIG, a restaurant owner in . . . New York, and ISADORE MARKOWITZ, a gas station owner in . . . New York, as character references. The subject attained the rank of Captain while in the Marines and was assigned as an instructor at the naval air station in Pensacola, Florida at his termination.. . The subjectfirst came to the attention of this service on 1-1474 when he spoke at length at the Dallas City Council in an attempt to block the building of a Nuclear Power station in Glen Rose, Texas by the Texas Utilities Company. The subject alleged that he had formed a group that would file suits and attempt to stop the building of a Nuclear Power Station. The subject stated that his group was small at this time \(approxiers. The subject read to the City Council, and distributed to the media, 2 telegrams from alleged experts in Atomic Physics, Professor David R. Inglis of the University of Massachusetts and Professor Henry W Kendall of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Both telegrams used scare tactics in the way of vague studies and future predictions . . . Professor Inglis has been cited [by] the house committee on un-American activities [in] its report entitled “A staff studythe Pugwash Conference’ dated 1961 in reference to possible communist infiltration into AntiNuclear Energy front groups. Before leaving the City Council Meeting the subject was observed talking to CARL BRANNIN, a white male, approximately 70 years of age, who has been a longtime socialist party organizer in Dallas, Texas. Recently the subject challenged Mr. WILLIAM “BILL” ASTON, the Vice President in charge of advertising at Dallas Power and Light Company, a subsidiary of Texas Utilities Company, to a debate on Atomic Power. The debate will be held on 3-10-73 at the Unitarian Church, in North Dallas, Texas. The Unitarian Church has in the past been the sponsor of such radical left groups as the Dallas Peace Committee, the UNITED FARM WORKERS, GAY LIBERATION, and was the host of a “Social” workshop in January, 1974 where all major subversive groups in the North Texas area set up information booths. Informants feel that the subject is using CITIZENS ASSOCIATION FOR SOUND ENERGY as a front group, possibly for a RALPH NADER action. Q: Was being a member of the Socialist Party and active in the Socialist Party something of which you were ashamed at the time? A: / should say not. Q: Have you ever tried to hide that fact? A: Never did, no. The categories under which information was logged are Subversive, Racial, Other.” These categories were typical of all local police departments across the state. Be assured that the racial category was directed at civil rights activists. Dimick’s deposition revealed that he was a graduate of the intelligence training program of the DPS. When he characterized as “radical left groups” the Dallas Peace Committee, the United Farmworkers, and Gay Liberation, Dimick was echoing the views of law enforcement in Texas. Obtaining the report provided the first real opportunity to expose the idiotic endeavors of these agencies. Undoubtedly, much of Texas would have agreed with Dimick’s characterizations. Nonetheless, the DPS would have preferred to have maintained its little secrets. A suit sponsored by the Dallas Civil Liberties Union was filed against the DPS and Dimick in federal court in Austin. A fine young lawyer from Dallas, ohn Jordan, joined me in pressing the case. Austin was chosen because we felt that Judge Roberts was more likely to force Din-lick to disclose his socalled confidential informants. Carl Brannin was also joined as a plaintiff to supply a nice historical element. Carl by that time was in his mid-eighties and had been in the forefront of antiestablishment activities his entire life. Mind you, this lawsuit was more about exposure than anything else. It was not easy to urge with a straight face that Carl had been injured by being labeled a “longtime socialist organizer,” given the fact that he had been the Socialist candidate for governor ofTexas in 1936. As Carl remembered it in his deposition, he got 800 votes for governor and Norman Thomas got 1,000 votes for president. In Carl’s words, “It was a token candidacy, educational you might say”but still an effort of which he remained proud, as his deposition displayed. 3/1/02 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 5