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We Want MinorityWriters Learn to write for the alternative press Paid summer internship in Chicago Apply now for 2002 The Academy for Alternative Journalism, supported by alternative papers like this one, seeks experienced minority summer writing program at Northwestern University’s Media School of Journalism, Chicago. The eight-week program aims to recruit talented minorities into the alternative press and train them in magazine-style feature writing. Participants will be paid $3,000 plus housing and travel allowances. For information visit the Web site at http://www.medillnorthwestem.edidaaj or write for an application: Academy for Alternative Journalism do Lesa Lee, Medal School of Journalism, Northwestern University, 105 W. Adams Street, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60603. Academyfr Alternative Journalism www.medill,northwestern.edukaj Cornyn to decide the records’ fate. General Corndog, who prides himself on being an open-government guy, is expected to make a decision this spring. In Washington, meanwhile, Bush has already undermined access to presidential papers in his short tenure. Just as thousands of Reagan’s papers were due to be made public, he signed an executive order giving former presidents the ability to restrict access to their papers. \(The order also gives sitting presidents control Presum-ably, those Reagan papers would contain interesting tidbits about then-Vice President _George H.W. Bush, as well as Reagan administration cronies like Dick Cheney and Colin Powell. RED PENS Late last year, Texas ACLU wrote to each of the state’s police departments and county sheriff’s offices, reminding them of the January 1 statutory deadline for hav ing a racial profiling policy in place, and requesting a copy of each agency’s policy. They got about 270 responses, which they graded. The result? Not bad, according to direc tor Will Harrell. Several agencies had apparently used language from a model policy developed by ACLU in concert with LULAC and NAACP. Still, there is room for improvement. Common errors included a failure to provide for public education about the complaint process to be used by citizens who feel they are victims of racial profiling. Some agencies also ignored the bill’s requirement that the policy enumerate “specific acts” which are prohibited. Underperforming agencies included the sheriff’s offices of Harris County and, ironically, Dallas County, home of the bill’s major proponent, Senator Roype West. \(Both expressed an interest in discussing improvements, “Harris :County is doing their best to not fully comply:’ Harrell said. \(The City of Houston, Some agencies have complained they don’t have the resources to comply with the bill’s reporting requirements. “But if little French, Texaswith only four police officers can get an ‘A’, then clearly we have an eminently implementable law:’ Harrell said. Others who were less than enthusiastic about enforcing the new law reportedly include at least one board member of TCLEOSE, the state board that sets law enforcement training standards. West has invited all interested par ties to discuss implementation of the new law at an interim meeting of the Senate Jurisprudence Committee. Las Americas, continued from page 15 comes,” whatever that means. Later in the same tract, they say they lack ‘rigorous’ evaluations of the impact of their privatization lending on improvements in the investment climate. Then they explain that they lack this information because they lack “detailed measures of the investment climate.” In other words, they can’t tell if it’s improved because they’re not sure what it is. Those of us who are less concerned about detailed measures of the investment climate can suggest some cruder ones. How about measuring capital flight as the rebelling middle classes of Argentina protest their descent into poverty by ousting their President after he’s sold off state enterprises, cut public sector wages, and opened markets just as the PSD strategy would prescribe? Or what about counting up the number of investors standing in line to pump capital into a country that has had five presidents and two general strikes in three weeks because of these same policies? This last indicator would be especially easy to calculate. Zero sounds about right. So even if the World Bankers are not sure what measures define a sound investment climate, we’re willing to hazard a guess. Taking a wild stab, we would guess that it involves policies that maximize private profits by dismantling state regulatory capacity and repressing wages. As usual, it’s a great plan if you’re PriceWaterhouseCoop -ersSalomonSmithBarney, but it has nothing to do with the poor other than making more of them. Gabriela Bocagmnde categorically denies that she is about to become the next president of Argentina. 2/1/02 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17