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Paid Political Ad, ,-tisernent ADVERTISEMENT Dear Observer Fan: ecause I am not of the Texas political establishment, not a ID career politician, not even one of the world-famous Observer crowd, Marty Akins and what he stands for may be at ground zero with you. I am renting this space to introduce myself, to tell you why I am running for governor and what kind of governor I will be. Because great teammates made me look good, I got significant recognition as an All-American quarterback at UT. As captain of the 1975 Southwest Conference championship team, I tried to stand for something other than just good football. As quarterback and captain, I led a diverse team of talented men through unity. Only with unity can victory prevail, in football, in professional life, in politics. Unity brought our team success. It is unity and courage that will bring victory in the governor’s race. Now, I am through talking about football. Here are some things I want you to know: I stand for a woman’s right to choose and will veto any legislation that erodes that right. I favor a right to sue HMOs and other entities whose negligence harms. I favor independent audits of state agencies to trim spending incumbent self-promotion marketed as consumer information. I favor capping high interest rates of credit card companies and curbing excessive fees hidden in fine print. I favor immediate development of a plan that assures all Texans access to clean air and water in the next century. I oppose school voucher programs. I favor reversing grandfathering that allows industrial polluters to police themselves. I favor significant increases in salary and health benefits for teachers, nurses, law enforcement and correctional officers and deserving state workers. I favor reversing the pattern of building temporary schools and permanent prisons. I favor improving prison education and reading programs to curb recidivism that occurs because illiterate citizens are unable to earn a legal living. I favor campaign finance reform to end incumbents’ indebtedness to special interests, an indebtedness that grows pork barrel legislation. That is some of what I stand for. Fighting for these things is what I shall do as Governor of Texas. Thank you for your time. I hope to earn your vote.