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Acell phone rings in the tower crane cab near the corner of MLK and Red River. Twentysix-year-old Trey Sanford answers. “It’s my buddy Anthony,” he says in a moment. “He’s working over there:’ He points downtown to the high twin tower cranes that loom over Seventh Street. Because there is no official crane operator certification, nor any local courses that offer technical training, the success of aspiring operators depends a great deal on having family connections or friends in the trade. A third-generation Austin operator, Sanford recalls climbing in a cherry picker when he was a toddler and sitting in a Wolfe tower crane with his granddad “Sandy” when he was eight. “You are your own boss up here,” says Sanford. “And you’ve got a good view:’ Jody Horton is a photographer living in Austin. Wayne Parson’s view from the cab. Wayne Parson climbs the tower above the jib arm. 18 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 6/22/01