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Bruce Conner, Kenny Medders, Rick Alderichs, Arthur “Peewee” Beasley, Kit Lundin, Sandy Sanford, Jo Ray, Jerry Sanford, Tray Sanford, Anthony Bishop Tray Sanford in the cab. bathroom. In tower cranes, where space is limited and the ground dozens of flights down, a bathroom often consists of an oil funnel attached to a garden hose. “It gets lonely up there,” says Bruce Conner, who now prefers to work conventional cranes whenever possible. An expert operator with nearly 30 years of experience, Connor worked oil rigs from Australia to Cameroon before settling outside of Austin. “When you have a lift, all you think about is that lift, and getting it down safely without hurting someone,” he says. “I have a simple rule. The longer you keep it in the air, the more likely it is to fall. [So you] get it up, know where it’s going, and get it there in a safe, expeditious manner!’ 6/22101 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 11