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THE DUGGER BOYS HAVE GONE GREEN! RONNIE DUGGER FOR U.S. SENATE IN NEW YORK AND GARY DUGGER FOR TEXAS RAILROAD COMMISSION IN TEXAS You can imagine the national and international implications when Ralph Nader and the Duggers are sworn in after victories in November! Universal single-payer national health insurance will become a reality. Trade treaties will require observance of human rights, labor rights, and environmental protection standards. The death penalty will be repealed. Sustainable and renewable sources of energy will begin to replace fossil fuels. Oil and coal will be on the way out before we warm the earth and ourselves to extinction!! We’ll have public funding of public elections with free radio and television time for all elections. We’ll have preferences for small business, co-ops, family farms, sustainable agriculture, and all other human-scale economic enterprises and an and to big-corporation domination of our lives and our country. Waging peace and a fresh re-evaluation of our military purposes will become national policy. In short, bread, not bombs. in his New York campaign, Ronnie is proposing to establish the American Dream Construction Corps to subsidize and construct no-interest housing for middleand low-income people on public-trust land and a 10% tax on all commercial advertising to provide $15 billion for a new public communications consortium including public TV and radio, libraries, schools, and the Internet a program for our internal environment. to Texas, Gary is standing tall against the Business-Toadying Republican incumbent. The Democrats do NOT have a candidate in this race, so all the Yellow Dog Democrats can vote Green without fretting. Gary opposes issuing permits for any new strip mines and proposes sustainable and renewable energy. RALPH NADER NEEDS to be included in all three presidential debates. Hell win all three of them before 75 million people each time and win the presidency! In every forum, demand the opening up of the October debates to Ralph Nader! RONNIE DUGGER NEEDS to win the New York Green primary September 12 th . For that he needs your ideas and your contributions right away, today rather than tomorrow. He is facing entertainer and activist Al Lewis and organic farmer Mark Dunau in the primary. After victory, Ronnie will go toe-to-toe against Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio. “I see this as nonviolent electoral rebellion,” Ronnie says. GARY DUGGER NEEDS your volunteer work, support, ideas, and money. He is already the Texas Green Party’s nominee for the full term on the Texas Railroad Commission. Says Gary, “The current commissioners want to eliminate the severance tax on oil and gas, and they want the Texas taxpayer to subsidize 50% of any new natural gas exploration. We need to end corporate welfare. Let’s exile them all to their mansions and country clubs.” FERTILIZE THE DUGGERS’ CAMPAIGNS To contact Ronnie Dugger: Dugger for U.S. Senate 26 Washington Square North New York, NY 10011 E-mail: [email protected] Web site: Please send contributions to: Rugger for U.S. Senate George McGuire, Treasurer 174 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215 718499.0019 Make checks payable to “Dugger for U.S. Senate” Please volunteer to help andlor send contributions to: Gary Dugger for Texas Railroad Commission Campaign 8507 Lewis Mountain Drive Austin, TX 78737 Make checks payable to “Gary Dugger Campaign” or donate online E-mail: [email protected] Web site: www.preens2000.orn Pd. adv. paid for half and half by Dogger for U.S. Senate Convnittee, 174 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215 and Gary Dugger, 8507 Lewis Mountain Drive, Austin, TX 78737 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17 AUGUST 25, 2000