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WELLFOUNDED FEAR A FILM DOCUMENTARY PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY SHARI ROBERTSON AND MICHAEL CAMERINI “A stirring, evocative, and utterly unforgettable documentary about the American political asylum system” V NATIONAL TELEVISION PREMIERE P.O.V. PBS STATIONS JUNE 5, 2000 V SPECIAL ADVANCE SHOWING WITH THE FILMMAKERS WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2000 7-10 P.M. $6.00 ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE 409 COLORADO STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS FOR MORE INFORMATION: GET THE STATE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS ON-LINE Tough, investigative reporting; the wit and good sense of Molly Ivins and Jim Hightower; Political Intelligence; insightful cultural analysis; and much more. Check out Molly Ivins’ special subscription offer, too! Subscribe on-line or call The Texas Observer at 800-939-6620 THE TEXAS se THE TEXAS BULLETIN BOARD AUSTIN Meetings Colores del Pueblo. Sat. 5/27 and Sun. 5/28, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Parking lot of Half Price Books, 3110 Guadalupe. Latin American Crafts Sale to benefit A.F.S.C. TAO. Colores del Pueblo is a fair trade organization, marketing unique and wonderful gifts and providing desperately needed support for cooperatives in nine Latin American countries. Travis County Greens. Campaign 2000 meeting. Sat. 5/27, 10:30 a.m. Green Party Events “No Military Aid For Colombia!” Wed. 5/31, 6:30 p.m. Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 912 Lydia. Sylvester L. Salcedo, Lieutenant Commander. U.S. Navy, Ret., explains why he has returned his medal, awarded for his work in the Drug War, to the President. Salcedo opposes Congress-proposed military aid for the Colombian government. Sponsored by the Austin Peace and Justice Coalition and the Drug DALLAS Meetings Dallas County Greens. Sat. 6/3, noon. Paperbacks Plus, 6115 La Vista \(near the [email protected] ; To send Texas Bulletin Board submissions, e-mail [email protected] and type ” Dallas Progressive Action League. Mon. 6/5, 7 p.m. Paperbacks Plus Bookstore, 6115 La Vista. First meeting of a new group working for progressive alternative news, ethics in journalism, media advocacy, nonviolent resistance, global solidarity, [email protected] ; . HOUSTON Meetings Women Against Global Trafficking. Thurs. 6/1, 7 p.m. First Unitarian UniversalSAN ANTONIO Meetings Heartbeats Coffeehouse. Sat. 6/3, 7 p.m. peaceCENTER, 127 McCullough at Ave. E. Come hear songs and poems of peace with other San Antonio peacemakers. . Women of Spirit Monday. Tues. 6/5, 11:30 a.m. peaceCENTER, 127 McCullough at Ave. E. Bring a bag lunch and join other women working for peace in San [email protected] . TBB” in the subject line. Submissions must be received 17 calendar days before the issue date. “Dialogue,” from page 2 gives her for the elections of Ralph Yarborough, Barbara Jordan, Bob Eckhardt, and many other lesser lights who contributed positively to the Texas political landscape. The “liberal agenda” of her day is now the “mainstream” toward which the Republican candidate for president is frantically paddling. Too bad, it is time to move on to something better, toward higher goals. Mrs. Randolph would show the way if she were leading us now. Ed Cogburn Houston I.P. FREELY Thanks for printing “Urine My Workplace” by gence manifest in words. Pleasure to read. Bravo! Lynn makes the key distinction that employers want reliable, effectively competent behavior from employees. In short they want their “money’s worth” from their employees; no accidents, please. Lynn then explains how to evaluate an employee for the performance the employer desires. All without the intrusive and demeaning urine test that does nothing to establish the criteria the employer most wants to know: consistent behavior .and performance. Corporations that require urine tests \(usually of lower echelon emand distrust. This is not good p.r., folks. Resentful employees are not upbeat, loyal, productive employees. Lynn’s subdistinction covering the many things that do have a negative influence on an employee’s appropriate behavior and reliable performance, but that are not screened for with a urine test, makes an excellent and usually overlooked point. If you are concerned with optimal “work function” from those you hire, there are better places to put your nose than in their pee. J. Colman-Pinning Waldport, Oregon 22 THE TEXAS OBSERVER MAY 26, 2000